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The few days are long gone... and a question for redbubble!!! What about a screen saver???

I have been back for a long time after “being away for a few days” as mentioned in my last entry… Have been visiting the site many times… sometimes several times a day!!!

I have added a photo or two, but have been pretty inactive on that front or with these journal entries…

However, I have been adding quite a few comments to many of the fantastic shots that are appearing on RB… keep up the good work everyone.

I have a question for RB… have you thought of having a marketable “screen saver” that people can purchase with the option to included selected images… $X for 10 images of choice, $Y for 25 images of choice $Z for 75 etc.

Just a thought that offers a wide opportunity for each of us to have the sale of some of our images… what do you and other redbubblers think of this idea!!!

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