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BEWARE of... www.picture.com

Hi every one,

If you ever see a link to a website titled “picture.com”, do not even think of going there… it is a scheme to take your dollars that is absolutely unacceptable. If memory serves me correctly, I saw the link on google.com.au website.

I do not know how or if anything can be done about this so called “business” of sorts… the site http://www.baltimore.bbb.org/commonreport.html?... more information about their covert practices.

No doubt, there are many sites on the net that are similar… it just means that we must all be very cautious.

I pass on my gratitude to Mark Snelson and Anne van Alkemade for their feedback… and in time too… I was planing to respond to their “invitation” to provide my “profile” and to buy the book “Endless Journeys” in the coming week. It has saved me over $100 dollars.

I guess it puts some strength behind the old phrase “let the buyer beware!”.
Thanks again to Mark and Anne,

Craig Watson

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