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I try to live an unconventional life style. If people told me I couldnt do something i did it. I think if you are passionate about something you will succeed.

I have written a book called “the Ice Wave” soon to be released.It is about bipolar. When I got diagnosed and the crazy way I handled it. How I managed to get it under control and manage my life with it..

Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it,. I believe dreams can come true , start today because you may never get the chance. Dont be scared fail it does not matter as long as you try …

I am a self taught self funded artist l am currently studying to be a tattooist.The effect painting has had on my life is amazing. I am relaxed, my life has meaning, I have something to work towards. I get to express and explore emotions that were withheld and pent up for many years. I can express myself without shouting and find it is a effective way of communicating.
  • Age: 36
  • Joined: July 2009



Has there ever been a female bikie? other than the dykes on bikes. / I am wondering when the bikie groups are going to become snags and have female members riding along side as equals. / Every part of our culture and society is moving foward at such a rapid rate. Technology available to us is amazing. / Yet these men and their Harleys seem to be living in the past. How would the zztop look alik…
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sold my first piece on here

sold my first piece of work on here yesterday … am going to donate the proceeds to the queensland flood victims would like all bipolar artists if you have just a little to give PLEASE DO
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darlington arts festival flop

It seems that the Darlingotn arts festival is too toffee nosed for my work. The art curator phoned me and said they would not exhobit my work. I questioned her as to why. I also questioned her about refunding if they were not going to exhibit and wondered why they left it to the day of the opening to notify me. / these were the answers I got / although she liked provocatavtive work that had a bon…
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drugs , how high is life

Drugs how high are life? / This story is one of incredible sadness. The problem is the story is too common. It is happening everyday to many people. People from all different walks of life. You think that drugs just affect the person taking them? It doesn’t. It affects us all as a family and as a community. Family breakdowns are mainly caused through alcoholism and drug addiction, as are most dom…
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