Life took me away from RB & I have just recently returned, so most of my NEW ART is on:

There are over 700 new pieces there so HAVE FUN :)

HOWDY All of my Old RB Peeps!!!

I was born in Memphis aka… “ELVIS TOWN”

My card says—-“ALL THINGS CREATIVE”—-Wellll, that about covers it—-I work in virtually every medium, so the answer is—-YES I CAN!!!

When I was a little boy my Grandfather, Sterling Bell told me, “Dale, you CAN DO anything you want to—-and, never let anybody tell you, you can’t”—————-I believed him———and, I still prove him right everyday of my creative life!

I hope you enjoy (and buy) my artworks. I will be showcasing many mediums, but particularly I will focus on my Digital Paintings. Most are derived from my own original photos, then I go into my pics, and draw freehand, with a pen mouse and electronic WACOM tablet.

*For those who know—-NO—-it is NOT any easier than outside the computer!!! There are lots of materials and tools that flow much faster and smoother than “Compuart” BUT—-I’m crazy that way—hehehehe!! And, I love a challenge!

I am a man who has been blessed to have seen a lot of this wondrous planet (and a lot more to go) my Art, Writing, and my Acting have opened many international doors such as:

I Lived 3 months near the rainforests of Belize, Central America—-taught the craftsman/artisans in Haiti (6 times)—-Taiwan, China (to supervise the production of my artworks)—-Performed in England (on 3 trips)—-Performed in Scotland (on 2 trips)—-and Performed in Brisbane, Australia!—-& I MUST SEE MORE OF THIS WONDERFUL BIG BALL OF CLAY!!

These many journies since 1980, have all impacted my works and my deep understanding of the “real world” outside the comforts of the Fabulous Southern USA.

The plight of mankind and the sufferings of humans seem to often find their way into my art and photos.

I also know the beauty of the common things of life, and seek to glorify that which is normally trodden under the foot of man. My photos are quite often more about the humble and the ignored—rather than the ‘worshipped’ icons of the media. Life is NOT all about them—-it’s about the common everyday people, places, and things—-too often taken for granted.

You will find NEW WORLDS, that only exist between my ears—that is till they crawl out and manifest themselves as things, you have NEVER seen before!
I am a Conceptual artist too, so sit back—-buckle up—-and get ready for a Wild Ride!


*Most of the works you will find here, have Never been Shown, or Available for purchase anywhere else, so I hope you enjoy your journey into my world!

Oh, and I almost forgot——my writing!!! I have completed 4 full-length feature film screenplays, which I am pitching now. You will find lots of my thoughts, and poems along this magical pathway through my mind. It is who I am!

Soooo, hit me up, and let me know what you think, I look forward to expanding your horizons, freakin’ you out, and to hopefully, help to make this little ball of clay, a better and more beautiful place to be!

Creatively Yours,
Dale Crum

  • Age: 56
  • Joined: September 2008



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Memories of My Mamaw Bell

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