Swamp wolf by Anthony Brewer


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Grey Wolf (Canis lupus), Wolf Park, Indiana

Canon EOS 20D, Canon 75-300 IS

Things that make me sad: Montana to at least double 2009 wolf hunt quota Not so much because there is a quota, but the attitudes expressed on the comments page are just nasty. I weep for humanity.

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  • Scott Denny
    Scott Dennyover 4 years ago

    Very nicely captured.

    I was in Indiana last year and contimplated the Wolf Park. My Canon 400mm prime is not IS and I am pretty sure they dont allow monopods in the park.

    I still may make my way down there again.

    You may enjoy my Wolves & Kin gallery. Most of the wolves are Mexican Wolves which are highly endangered, therefore these are in captivity. The coyote is from a local sanctuary here in the Green Bay area.

  • If you go for one of the photography days where they take you in to the big wolf enclosure, tripods are “not recommended” as the wolves have a tendency to regard them as chew-toys. For normal visits, you can certainly use tripods/monopods from outside the enclosures.

    Thanks for the comment and the pointer to your gallery :)

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Jan Cartwright
    Jan Cartwrightover 4 years ago

    Gorgeous image – excellent clarity and intensity. Looks as though his eyes are a close color match to the swamp!

  • Thanks for the comment :)

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Gramia97
    Gramia97over 4 years ago

    I too weep, wonderful image.

  • Thank you.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Jay Ryser
    Jay Ryserover 4 years ago

    I think ultimately humanity will be judged not only how we treat each other, but how we treat other species, and our treatment of some species, like the wolf, is just tragic.

  • I agree, thank you.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Kay Kempton Raade
    Kay Kempton Raadeover 4 years ago

    You know, we can’t live together. It is not so easy when they are eating your calves and lambs, colts, and pet dogs and cats. We have to look at the whole situation. Just introducing them to the wilderness didn’t make them stay there.

  • Coyotes kill more livestock than wolves. There are fewer coyotes in areas inhabited by wolves. There may well be a net reduction in livestock predation because of wolf re-introduction.

    It is possible for people to live with wolves. But people who call wolves “evil”, and refer to them as pests, are not looking for ways to live with wolves. They are looking for excuses for wolf extermination.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • BigCatPhotos
    BigCatPhotosover 4 years ago

    WOW this is fantastic. What a really great wolf shot.

  • Thank you!

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Kay Kempton Raade
    Kay Kempton Raadeover 4 years ago

    My cousin lost her cat to a coyote last week. I’m totally for wildlife, I’m a wildlife rehabber for goodness sake, and I’d never call them evil. I’d love more people to live on a ranch that has been discovered by wolves. The govt says they’ll reimburse for wolf losses, but YOU have to prove it was a wolf. Nobody gets paid for what they lose, especially sheep ranchers. Two near here had to sell out because the ranch can’t make a living — the wolves killed the guard dogs too. They’ve done everything and a ranch that was in the family for five generations is now sold to a “developer” at a loss. There are wolf supporters who say there are too many wolves for some areas.

  • The people calling wolves evil are in the comments of the article I linked to.

    I like wolves. I see people that hate wolves, and their idea of wolf management is “kill every wolf”, and I’m disinclined to listen to whatever legitimate grievances they might have. If the people that like wolves but still think hunting is necessary were more vocal, I might have a different opinion.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • ©FoxfireGallery / FloorOne Photography
    ©FoxfireGaller...over 4 years ago

    Wolves are amazing creatures. The have a sense for families just like humans, in fact even more so. We could learn from them. How sad that people want to harm the beauty of our amazing world. What is it with man and guns

  • Very true. Thank you.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • Catherine  Howell
    Catherine Howellover 4 years ago

    very beautiful capture!! I love wolves and am fighting for them. There are non-lethal, proven ways to keep wolves away from livestock. There are studies concerning this subject. It is easier for some to “shoot!!!!” It seems we, as humans, like to take the easiest way out of any situation. If the people who are trying to eradicate them into extinction could do the research maybe everyone could reach a truce…I had a coyote drag off one of our pups. Instead of going out and killing coyotes I figured out a way to protect the pups and keep them more secure. A wild animal is just that…wild. They are trying to survive. Humans kill because humans can exert power over any species…sometimes without forethought of how it will ultimately affect the environment.

  • Thank you. And yes, animals are what they are, they behave according to their instincts. We as humans are the ones that can choose whether we live in conflict, or in cooperation with nature.

    – Anthony Brewer

  • anniepage
    anniepageover 4 years ago

    If most humans were as honest in their lifestyle as wolves and other predators, this world would be so much better.

    I lived in Montana and was there when they decided to open the hunt on wolves again. My father grew up there and was indoctrinated with these two deep thoughts: “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” And the only good wolf is a dead wolf."

    Yes, wolves take livestock, but we took their hunting grounds( If you know American history, you can think of this from both the Indian and the wolves POV) and yes, we as ‘white men’ take more and more of their freedoms every year.

    Sarah Palin shoots wolves from a helicoptor, for Pete’s sake….

    What the hell are they supposed to do to feed their young? What would you do!? BE the she wolf for a day and live her life.
    Instead of not keeping your dog ionside and protected, kill the predator who knows no other way.

    Gimme a break. Man has messed this planet up from the beginning and we just are not going to be happy until all the wildlife is either in a zoo,stuffed on some wall, or completely extinct…then we will proceed to kill ourselves….

    And we are the more intelligent,more compassionate?

    Enlightenment comes slowly,if at all, to those who resist.

    A poem I wrote a few years ago——

    Tundra, forest, valley and mountain you roam,
    unpredictable; born to restlessness, artfully you wage fear of capture
    to ones weaker.

    Brought down, almost extinct, you revived, returned
    living again, marking territory;
    giving birth to willfull generations.

    Your prey: natural selection,
    your enemy: still man who does not understand
    your wanton call of the wild.

    Ardent need to be free forever in your blood,
    The wind calls and response is a howl.
    Sadness, loneliness;
    despair carried over the hills to
    another like kind
    who sends her cry loud and distinct.
    Forward, you run
    To She Who Needs

    Litter born, young tended, testing, biting, playing;
    No wallflowers here.
    In this your immortality.

    Predator, lover, parent and guardian,
    tending your wards, your mates with your life.
    The land will support and nourish you all,
    For it is, that your species was meant to be
    A balance returned;
    the wolf again free.

  • Thank you. Your poem is lovely.

    – Anthony Brewer

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