That summer in the city they made excuses to their partners about being away on a job and they booked in a hotel and got a cheap room with a bed and small dressing table and a tall boy and made out to the hotel clerk some short guy with glasses and a smell of apples about him that they were husband and wife and went under the name of Smith and he showed them the room and gave them the key and went off with a few notes of cash that Miles had given him and once he had closed the door and they had heard his footsteps go off out of sound they embraced each other and kissed and then hurriedly undressed and jumped into bed and had sex and then afterwards they lay on their backs smoking and looking at the ceiling and Mildred said My husband George never made out with me like that he was never that good a lover he just makes out and then turns over and goes to sleep and I can hear him snore before I have as much sensed the dampness between my thighs or the stickiness on the hairs down there and she took a drag on the cigarette and let out a long flow of smoke that twisted and curled around above her head and Miles inhaled and blew out a stream of smoke that followed hers and the two streams seemed to embrace above their heads and Miles said That was the best sex I’ve had in years my wife thinks sex is dirty and she only lets me perform in the dark and if I’m quick and don’t make a noise or she’ll say quiet or you’ll wake the kids and yes we have kids two of them and that is a wonder that we managed that and he paused and looked as the smoke went away and Mildred exhaled more smoke and he did likewise and again the two streams of smoke rose in the air and circled each other like two dancers on a stage and Mildred said Do you know what I really like to do? And Miles said No what? and she said I like to go into the city some days without any underclothes on and sit on the subway train feeling so dammed hot thinking that the guy next to me might know and I get all kind of excited and when I walk down the sidewalk I wonder what people would think if I walked over one of those air shafts like Marilyn Monroe did in that film and my skirt rose in the air and there I’d be there for all to see and she laughed and almost choked on her cigarette and Miles laughed too so that the bed shook beneath them and he said Do you know what I like to do? No she replied looking sideward at him her cigarette held aloft her head between two fingers What do you like to do? And he took a deep breath and looked at her and said I like to take women to hotel rooms and have sex with them and then strangle them and hide their bodies in the tall boy and leave the hotel and go back home and I make sure the hotel clerk is too stupid to remember me and the name means nothing to them because there are so many Smiths and so many couples calling themselves Smith and then Miles stopped and Mildred looked at him waiting for him to laughed as if it was a joke that he’d made up but he didn’t laugh he put his hands around her throat quite quickly and she sensed it hard to catch her breath and she tried to get up and push him off but he was so strong suddenly and her lungs became tight and he was on her and pressing down on her and she felt him on her again and she closed her eyes and then opened them and her husband was beside her asleep snoring and she was sitting on the side of the bed with her red dress on and remembered the darn awful sex of an hour ago and next door the soft sound of someone playing jazz on the hifi and by the closed window a buzzing fly.

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woman, man, city, summer, sex

I am an artist and poet, short story writer, dramatist, digital artist and photographer. I live in Sussex with my wife and four of my eight children. I am a grandfather of eight grandchildren.

My favourite artist are: Picasso, Warhol, Rothko, Klee, Van Gogh, Degas etc.

I am 64 years old and love the arts.

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