• THIS is a collection of digital ART and primarily PHOTOS that I’ve added since joining RB in 2009.* It was that year I bought my first point and shoot digital camera and allowed it to help me focus and document my ‘views’ of this incredible universe I find myself wandering around.

In the last 5+ years this site has collected over a half million views of it’s approximately 500 art submissions. In late 2014 I’m regularly revisiting each submittal to check its value and quality, and if appropriate adding the images to Red Bubbles growing selections of products.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this often QUIRKY POV, and leave me messages as you’re inspired. All messages and sales are hugely appreciated! ;-)))

I’ve been adding *THE TAG (jlh designs) as the 1rst TAG on most of my work as I review and update it. THIS TAG will take you to a collection of my FAVORITE and most POPULAR work from all of my RB sites!

  • Joined: September 2009



Edit Post Report Post 2 days ago / At the beginning of 2015 I’m the new Host for the 100 to 499 VIEWS group. I have three RB sites for over 5 years now, though I’ve never Hosted nor participated in Forums or Topics or a ‘Journal Entry’ before. I’ve shared this because my lack of virtual conversational skills and technologies will probably show up, just as I’m feeling my deficiencie…
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