Wishing you a Merry Christmas

We’re reaching the pointy end of the silly season, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for Christmas. 2008 has flown by and I’ve had an absolute blast here on RedBubble – achieving so much and most importantly having so much fun along the way.

Thank you to those who have commented and favourited my images, bought my work, encouraged and mentored me along the way. I appreciate the time you’ve given me and the friendship you’ve extended me. You’re all wonderful!

I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas!

Adriana xx

Want to know what a real RedBubble buyer looks like?

Then let me introduce you to Esther and Ross, my local greengrocers at Glenbrook. Esther and Ross bought the little greengrocer business about 3 months ago. As locals, we all waited with anticipation wondering what sort of changes they would make to what had been a tired little fruit and vegie shop.…

Please take a close look at the artwork on their walls…look familiar?? They certainly looked familiar to me and finally, after doing a little project for Esther and Ross, I got around to asking them about their artwork. The conversation went sort of like this:

Adriana: Esther, I’ve been meaning to mention to you – that apple print, where did you get that from?

Esther: Oh, from the internet…

(Adriana immediatley jumps to conclusion that the image has been bought from a fake site, rather tha

Featured and time for a change...

I’ve had a few features this week, and would like to thank the groups’ hosts for featuring the following images. Thank you also to those that have stopped and commented – with so many outstanding images on RedBubble, I appreciate you stopping by and viewing my images.…

September Rain featured in Bokeh and The Creature’s Creations

My shadow and I featured in Dandelions and Still Life Photography and Objects, Studies and Concepts

patience featured in Woman Appreciation

will nobody love me featured in Unwanted, Abandoned and worth saving

24 may 1954 ~ dear diary featured in Featuring the Shadows

And as they say, a change is as good as a holiday so I’ve updated my avatar. You see, I’m not really just about red lipstick and hats – I’m about red sparkly shoes, too. The redder and sparklier th

Ever dreamt of being a reporter, even for a day?

No, nor have I. But it would be fun to see what it would be like to write a up a story in your very own newspaper!

I came across this cute little site that allows you to create your own little newspaper story, and in my case, I added this element to an image I created. I’ve attached the little ditty, fairly basic, I know…so what I want to see is what sort of short newspaper article would you write if given the chance?

Follow the link, write your story, save it and post it here in this journal!

Here’s my story:

And here’s the link for you

Home Page - WOW!

What a wonderful surprise to see one of my images on today’s RB homepage! It’s always exciting to be featured in a group, and to be featured on the Home Page is just about the Holy Grail itself! Thank you to all those who have stopped by to comment on Twinkle Twinkle – I really appreciate your wonderful comments and favouritings!…

In case you missed seeing the home page, here’s a screen shot:

In fact, all the entries on the Home Page featured images that were voted for as part of the Calendars R Us Christmas challenge.

If you haven’t come across the group, Calendars R Us, can I suggest you mosey on over there and take part in their challenges.

Anway, thanks once again. As fleeting as it is to be featured on the Home Page, the warm fuzzy feelings and silly grin on my face will remain fo

Featured in Benches Group

My image disconnected been featured in the Benches group!

It’s so difficult taking photos of strangers, but this image I couldn’t resist. I love park benches, they always seem to be waiting for someone, and seeing this businessman chilling out from the world around him made him a perfect candidate for me to forget my fear of candid photography. So i feel very honoured being featured for this image! Thank you!

Pssstt...are you into disambiguation?

’Cause if you are – then have I got the group for you!!

Yes, that’s right! 800+ groups on RedBubble, and now, finally a group for those amongst us whole like their art disambiguated! OMG – what do you mean, you don’t know what it is?

looks around to see if anyone’s watching or listening

Well, do you like to add a vintage aged, texture, grunge feel to your art? Then – BINGO – this is the group for you!

Come and join the group – heck, we’ll take images of all sorts of things, as long as they’ve been disambiguated

Wanna see more examples of the sorts of images that fit this group? Well, then looky here – and hope to see your art over there!

Features and Challenges

What a lovely Good Morning I’ve received this morning! My image:

has been featured in the Dimensions group, complete with a lovely commemorative plaque .…

And my image:

has been featured in The Fine Art of Photography group.

This second featured image was created as part of a challenge here on RB. I’d like to ask you – how many challenges do you enter and simply slot in an existing image from your gallery? Or do you go out of your way to create something new just for that challenge? Do you use the challenges as an opportunity to grow and leave your comfort zone and try new tchniques? Or do you only enter challenges where your exisiting images already fit that criteria? Just wondering and thinking out loud…

Anyway, thank you Dimensions and The Fine Art of Photography for featuring my i

A Virtual Gallery - What happens when RB Artists inspire each other

Tracy Wallace and Dee Boylan may not know it, but their images are featuring in this virtual gallery out in hyperspace!…

Tracy’s image of Clumsy Misfortunes started it all off. Such a special image and reading the comments started me thinking about the story of the little clown girl, which lead me to create All Grown Up, then toward twilight (with tracy’s permission, of course) Then today, I see that another RedBubbler, Dee Boylan has also been inspired to create When I grow up… all from tracy’s original image. All we need now is a writer to write up the story of this little clown girl as she goes through life. hint, hint

And with all this talk of galleries and exhibitions, I was curious to see what all four images would look like side-by-side. All we need now is to imagine the writer

Red Bubble is NOT an addiction

I repeat, it is NOT an addiction. While it might be obvious to some that RB has designed this art website to attract us here and never let us leave (just like Hotel California), I am able to remove myself and find pleasures in other things. For instance, the other day, I took great pleasure in weeding the garden…if you don’t believe that I was able to tear myself away from the camera or computer or PS, then look here for proof.

See, I can survive away from here. What about you???

My first photographic exhibition

I’m a little excited to let you know that I’m taking part in an exhibition that commences on tuesday and being held at the Kiama Community Arts Centre (the Old Fire station). There are ten artists in total involved, two of which are also Rb’ers – Cordelia and rsmac and work being exhibited includes photogrpahy, textiles, pottery, wood turning and jewellery.…

I ordered my prints through RB – as it was easy, painless and hassle-free – and I was very pleased with the quality. They’re now on their way to the gallery. If any RB’er is in the area on saturday afternoon, drop in and say hello – we would love to meet you!

I would also like to thank the community that is RedBubble – the encouragement and the friendship I have been shown since being a member has been quite a learning and pleasur

Friendship and Discovery - an Interview with Cordelia

I don’t think it matters whether it’s days, weeks, months, years that you know someone, there will always be things about them you will always discover. I have known Cordelia since we were little girls, and one of the things that I love about our friendship is the fact we share a love of photography, and of course visiting galleries and having cups of tea whilst discussing the merits, or not, of the art we’ve just seen. I can say that I am very excited to be part of an upcoming exhibition with Cordelia – but more on this later……

If you haven’t come across Cordelia on RedBubble, then I’d like to introduce you to her. I recently conducted a short little interview with her, and here are her answers.

1. When you’re out and about photographing nature and portraits, what is your inspiration?


Happy anniversary to me from RedBubble!!!

Well, not quite but it is a year ago this week, that I joined this RedBubble community. It was thanks to rsmac whilst listening to TripleJ airing an interview about RedBubble, when he joined and then couldn’t stop talking about it. It sounded sooo good, it couldn’t possibly be bad for me, could it, it not like it was an addiction or anything sinister, was it? I couldn’t help but join and see for myself.…

I know this has been said hundreds if not thousands of times on here, but I derive a lot of pleasure from this community. I have come across artists and their art I would have otherwise not seen, made friendships and contacts that would have seemed impossible, learnt skills that previously alluded me, sold work that I didn’t know I had the capabilities of creating, bought work that I n

Vale Jane McGrath

I am very upset to hear the news today of Jane McGrath’s sudden passing. You don’t need to be a fan of cricket to know that Jane McGrath was a champion for the Prevention of Cancer, Breast Cancer in particular. She worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for Cancer patient care and comfort, research and prevention, establishing the McGrath Foundation with her cricketing husband Glenn in 2002.…

More importantly however, is the fact that Jane was a wife and a mother. The disease has once again robbed another family of their precious mother, wife and daughter. What makes Jane’s passing so upsetting to me, and I write this with a tightness in my chest, is I have lost both parents to cancer. I am also a wife and mother and in a few weeks will be the same age Jane was.

Hearing news l

How do you do it?

I mean, how do you go about choosing titles for your images?

I’m at the stage where I’m running out of titles for my images. They either seem corny or boring or they’ve been used before or they are so try hard. Is there something I’m missing perhaps, is there a website out there that will computer generate the titles for me? I look at what others name their images, and they’re very good. Even their use of “Untitled” seems very good, but on my images, it just doesn’t work. I have several images in my portfolio with very silly titles, like “flower G” – that image doesn’t even look like it should be called “Flower G”. Should I number my images and forget about names?

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated!


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