I'm Back! Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you spent your Christmas with those you love, hope Santa was good to you, and that you received lots of lovely goodies in your stockings!

I’m going to catch up on all that I’ve missed out on, going through the images and journals that have been uploaded and answering BMails.

In case I forget, hope you all have a Happy New Year – may the new year bring you much love, fun times with friends and family, smooth sailing at work/school, and not too many New Years’ Resolutions – I for one, won’t be resolving to lose weight or get fit or any other such nonsense – I just want more time with friends and family, and chocolates and cakes. =D

Merry Christmas to All on the Bubble

It’s almost Christmas, my work is ever busy and what spare time I have is spent with my family. I don’t have much of an opportunity to visit the Bubble these days, or be creative and post Bubbleworthy images, or comment on your images and writing.

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all here on the Bubble a very Merry Christmas. I hope you spend this Christmas time with those you love, I hope the festive season is a peaceful and restful one for you, and I hope that 2008 will see you all return to the Bubble more creative than ever.

Thank you to all the Bubblers who viewed my images, commented and BMailed me through the year; and to all the Bubblers whose images and writing left me lost for words – this has been such an enjoyable (if sleepless) experienc…

Exciting Arrival in the today's mail...

…and I’m not talking about the latest Abba album, either!

Mark German ran a competition which I entered. And to my absolute delight, I won the “Image to be removed” section (oops, does that mean I should learn to be more tactful in future?).

Anyway, the prize was a laminated print of my choice from Mark’s portfolio, so I chose The Mansion which happened to be my absolute favourite of his.

Anyway, it arrived in the mail today, and I just want to share with all of you the exceptional quality of Red Bubble laminated prints – blew me away. I did photograph it and was intedning to upload in the buyers booth, but instead I’ve whisked it away to get framed, and when it arrives, I’ll post it here for you all to see.

The Mansion is going to look so…


Did I mention to you that I’ve only just started a watchlist of my own – yes all this time on RB and no watchlist. Goodness knows how many images I’ve missed because I wasn’t watching… I have now amended this for several reasons.

1. Last week, I saw the most blilliantest (yes, that’s a word – it means more brilliant than even brilliant) image of a building in Rome. I should have favourited it, I know. I asked several RB’ers in the forum to help me look for it, to no avail. I should have favourited it, and I should have added that artist to a watchlist – but I didn’t. If you know this image, can you find it for me?

2. I’m going to be really busy in the life I lead outside RB, incredible, I know. Obviously an oversight o…

The four little words

Yesterday, I was sitting, watching my world go by, taking in all its ups and downs. Dangling my legs over the great precipice that is life – because I can be brave like that sometimes. Enjoying all the good things I could see around me, frowning at those things I disapprove of. Still dangling my legs, as a small child would sitting on a swing at the park. Feeling very safe and secure and cocooned in my own little world.

All it took to change this safety, this security, this feeling of well-being were four little words. On their own, the four little words are quite harmless and are used every day by everybody in the world – no matter their language. In fact, you could go to your local shopping plaza and yell the words out – individually of course, and no one would bat an eye. They m…

I'm Excited! Old adage is true...

Designed this after having a particularly challenging day. I’ve ordered the t-shirt for myself, and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail – and now someone else has also ordered this very exciting and beautiful t-shirt (Lol!). So, I’m very excited!!

And, the old adage of out of bad things, good things will come – well, after that trying day, I now have a great big smile on my face – Thank You to whoever you are – a great big MWAH for you! : D


Well, I’m still going through with this task of writing about My Favourites and I’ve attached Distant Roads for you to enjoy.

I found Distant Roads a totally mesmerising image, with the framing effect adding to the mystery of the image. I really felt transported back in time, I didn’t know where those 3 men were walking to, where they’d been, or what they were going to find in that heavy fog. It was all so mysterious. I just had to favourite the image, and I always wondered whether the image would reveal more…Then, not long after having favourited the image, I started reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. For the rest of the book, this image of Distant Roads stayed in my mind. Through that thick heavy descending fog, I could see the Clutter homestead a…


I’m very excited that one of my images has made it to the home page! I’ve yelled out to my family that I made it to the home page, and I didn’t exactly get the level of excitement I was hoping for…So, I’m telling all of you – because you’ll understand the excitement..

WOO HOO!! an image of mine is on the Red Bubble home page Woo HOO!!

: D

I'm Just Curious...Aren't You?

So tell me, why do you Favourite the images you do?

I’ve had a look at some people’s “Favourites”, and some have dozens and dozens of pages of favourites, others have barely any. I’m going through all the images in my favourites, and writing the reasons why they’re my favourites. It’s going to take forever, because I keep adding to them.

If you could choose Just 3 favourites from your current selection – what would they be, and why? Are they technically correct, do they mean something personal to you, is it a humorous image, is it the subject matter, you must have a reason – what is it?

I’m just curious…aren’t you?

My Favourites - "Splash!" by Mel Brackstone

Do you get sent those time-wasting emails from friends asking you 20 questions, such as – what’s your favourite colour? Are you tea or coffee? What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

You know the type of email – you then need to forward your answers onto absolutely everyone you know, including the person who sent it to you in the first place – well, there’s always the inclusion of the question “ what scares you?” I’ve always left it blank, because I really couldn’t think of anything really scary. That is, until I saw Mel Brackstone’s image entitled Splash! . I even commented that I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even though it was scaring the pants off me. I’m talking heartbeat racing, my stomach knotting up, my lungs filling with salt water! What is it about Mel Brack

MY FAVOURITE - "Red" by snapshot

This rose was presented to her lover as she asked forgiveness for her mistakes.
This rose was the first one of the season, saved from the devastating hail storm.
This rose was carefully placed on top of his coffin, he died far too young.
This rose concealed the engagement ring, surely she would say yes.
This rose decorated the breakfast tray on Mother’s Day, it’s sweet scent filling the bedroom.
This rose was left at the cafe’, as were his dreams and plans.
This rose was part of his loving routine, a single red rose presented every friday night as he had done so for the last 30 years.
This rose was flawed, not part of the bridal bouquet, the others were far prettier.
This rose captured to beautifully by snapshot, elegant in it’s simplicity yet complex with it’s inte…


Do you get them too?

Not only do I stress over what photos to take – OMG, HAS THAT BEEN DONE BEFORE?
Get the post-photo editing done (oh, god, is that called editing, or post production or what is it???) on photoshop – OMG, HOW DO I DO THAT AGAIN, OH NO, I"VE DELETED IT!! AAaarrrgggh!!!

I then REALLY worry about the lame little comments I make! I wish you could see me when I view an image that blows me away – even better, I wish you could be in my head when that image takes on a life of it’s own & expands & expands & tells me it’s own story (oh, god, probably not the one you’re conveying…oops…)

So, I apologise now. If I …

MY FAVOURITES - "The Albion" by Paul Louis Villani

I love Australian architecture & I particularly love the treatment of this early architecture by Paul Louis Villani.

Everytime I view “The Albion”, I see something that I’m sure wasn’t there before. The sheer detail, flaking paintwork, slat gate, fretwork on the verandah & under the eaves, the missing awning, the new iron sheets. I can imagine the storm that blew away that awning – it knocked out a piece of fretwork on the verandah along the way & goodness knows where those iron sheets landed when they blew off the roof…

“The Albion” also tells me that life back then, the early 1900’s, wouldn’t have been as simple as those who pine for the “good old days” would have us think. Was it really that simple,…

MY FAVOURITES - "Rooftops Florence" by Tiffany Dryburgh

Gorgeous isn’t it!

This image of Tiffany Dryburgh’s surely epitomises the Florence that the Deluxe-14-Day-Europe-by-Coach-Tour that tourists don’t see.

The Florence I saw followed this whistle-stop formula and while it’s a great introduction to visiting Europe (or Australia, or USA), it can sometimes leave you wanting for more.

The Florence these tours encourage you to see is the Florence that sells gold jewellery and leather goods. So my memories Florence, other than seeing DAVID, would be of trawling gold and leather shops and watching potential pickpockets at work. Not a positive memory but obviously for the tour operator a lucrative one as the more we bought the more commission they made.

Tiffany’s Florence is the everyday Florence.
I can smell the past…

Cards Only and cp "Critique Please"

In light of much discussion about who belongs on RB, and what sorts of images should be uploaded, I have converted all my current images to be available as Cards Only. It was so easy when uploading, to keep the boxes ticked and simply upload as everything, but really I’m not in the big league, nor do I have the appropriate equipment, training, style etc to make my images available as anything other than cards.

I have seen some of my images made up as cards, and the quality of the cards themselves is very high, and my images don’t look too bad on them either.

I have also added “cp” on many of my images – meaning “critique please”. Please feel free to comment on all images not just those with cp in the tag. I expect those viewing my images with t…

MY FAVOURITES - "Japanese Windflowers" by Tiffany Dryburgh

Not all images in “My Favourites” necessarily illicit images or memories from childhood.

“Japanese Windflowers” by Tiffany Dryburgh caught my imagination and everytime I look at this image, the same story unfolds…

Helena is 83 and has lived in her inner city cottage all her life. The cottage, originally a worker’s cottage had been in her family since 1910. She was born in that simple home, as had all her children. Always a happy home, Helena simply delighted in tending the small garden. How times had changed, the neighbours had come and gone, apartment blocks now stood where a lot of the workers’ cottages once stood. But still, Helena maintained her sanctuary. The japanese windflowers were her pride and joy, temperamental things they can be…

MY FAVOURITES - "Cold Flower" by JayCougar

Cold Flower was the first image I “favourited”, I really liked the image it conveyed whenever I looked at it, and as these first heady weeks of RB have passed and I’ve added more “favourites” it struck me that I’m also curious why people favourite the images they do. So, everytime I favourite an image, I’m going to blog the reasons why I chose the image. I’ve got a backlog to get through, but if it inspired others to buy the images, or to go out and snap more images, then that’s great too. is where I saw Jay’s image of Cold Flower.

So, here goes:

“Cold Flower” reminds me of the may bush we had growing at the side of the house when I was…

Your opinion is appreciated - My First Blog Entry!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading some blogs, and admiring people’s art/photography/tshirts, and thoroughly enjoying the whole RB experience. As addictive as it is!

What I would like to know is what is it that people want to achieve by uploading their work on RB? Is it purely sales? Is it the touchy feely positive comments? Is it the notoriety of being a featured artist on the home page?

I’ll tell you why I’m here – I get a buzz from seeing my images on this website. Simple as that. I look at a lot of people’s images, and try my hardest to meet the same standards they have achieved. Sometimes, the equipment they use, and the techniques they employ are listed – so i can see what I’m up against. At the moment, I’m using my 10 year ol…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait