Are you Being Silly, or are you staying safe?

Way back in January, the very first image I uploaded for 2009 came with a resolution for the year, and that was to Be Silly. And by that I meant, that I would try and stay out of my comfort zone and do things that I would perhaps walk away from for whatever reason. Life is waaay too short to stay in the comfort zone we build for ourselves, and it can be quite exhiliarating to do something out of the ordinary. (Both in real life, and photography/art life)

Well, here we are almost the end of July, and have I maintained the resolution of Being Silly? You bet I have. The latest instance can be seen below. Have you chanced upon abandoned objects and continued to walk away, when if you had put that motto of Being Silly into action and grabbed some props, a camera, your best friend and your sense of humour, then you would have discovered just how much fun it can be to sometimes leave that safety zone we all like to remain in, way too often.

I’ve tagged this image with the word besilly, and I’d like you to do likewise with images that you feel were out of your comfort zone when you shot them, created them, wrote them, painted them. Link them here, so we can all see that it’s ok not to take life too seriously all the time, and that it’s great to have a go at something you have no idea about.

Go on – I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours! ;)


  • John Robb
    John Robbabout 5 years ago

    <- my profile picture :-)

  • Ha ha ha! Yes, I would agree, that it takes some leaving the comfort zone to be seen in a tux…no, wait, I mean with a dummy in your mouth!

    – Adriana Glackin

  • Debbie Black
    Debbie Blackabout 5 years ago

    :( i need to inject my life with some silliness…..

  • Well, not even plain silliness, just make sure you inject your life with things that are out of your comfort zone every now and then – it will keep you on your toes… ;)

    – Adriana Glackin

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hillabout 5 years ago

  • Ha ha ha! Now that is definitely out of your comfort zone of taking beautiful waterfall and seascape shots…and very cleverly named! Can’t wait to see it on the Home Page! LOL! :D

    – Adriana Glackin

  • LisaR
    LisaRabout 5 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more! I will give it a go :)

  • Go ahead Lisa, try something a little different from what you would normally do. You take lots of still life and water macro shots, why not try street photography, or even give a composite image a go. Take a look through your favourites and see what inpsired you there. Most importantly though, is to have fun! :)

    – Adriana Glackin

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerabout 5 years ago

    LOL :D I need to ‘check’….

  • Hey there Kallena – leave that comfort zone, even for just one frame, and shoot something you wouldn’t normally shoot…you just never know where it will lead you… :)

    – Adriana Glackin

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerabout 5 years ago

    Guess what Adriana – I just got a b&w photo of a ‘bench’ top 10 in a challenge (that actually had more than 10 entries lol) and now it’s featured….
    I don’t do too many photos of ‘benches’ usually…. (LOL)

  • See, there you go – nothing ventured, nothing gained…If we lived by the rule of “oh, that’s not really my style” or “I don’t really shoot that” – can you imagine how much of life we would miss??

    All I’m really saying with this little journal, is that it’s good to let go of our perceptions of ourselves and experience something new (at least every so often), something different – it may just get you a Top 10 challenge photograph! Well done to you!! :D

    – Adriana Glackin