Cards Only and cp "Critique Please"

In light of much discussion about who belongs on RB, and what sorts of images should be uploaded, I have converted all my current images to be available as Cards Only. It was so easy when uploading, to keep the boxes ticked and simply upload as everything, but really I’m not in the big league, nor do I have the appropriate equipment, training, style etc to make my images available as anything other than cards.

I have seen some of my images made up as cards, and the quality of the cards themselves is very high, and my images don’t look too bad on them either.

I have also added “cp” on many of my images – meaning “critique please”. Please feel free to comment on all images not just those with cp in the tag. I expect those viewing my images with the intent to purchase will include my family and friends, and they won’t be put off by any comments, negative or otherwise. Apologies to the RB’er who posted the original idea of cp, I can’t remember who it was, but I like the idea.

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