I am nothing
thus I am the world again
nothing I am, nothing I couldn’t be

born a warrior
with injustice in the eye
don’t you let me forget this
as I may did before
became a stranger to myself

I am of light
and of dark yet to be understood
learned from and transformed

a child forever
cured of growing up
for a child’s wisdom holds my reality

a peaceful beast
learning to manage it’s powers
yet ever so untamed

There is so much more to life than these lives we’ve been offered. There is too much to express to keep it to yourself. And there is way too much to live for to settle for being alive.

Yet it is something we must regain, relearn and recall from our ancient memories for the cost of this civilized survival.

So effortlessly I can imagine myself dwelling in the heart of the forest but what good would that be except for my own comfort?

If I am to live day by day in this cold place, then listen to my tales of the fire burning within each of us!

  • Age: 27
  • Joined: January 2011