What happens when a cantankerous Cartoon Wizard who has drawn his black and white kingdom “to perfection” has his whole world splashed and splattered by a wild and wonderful Color Witch that feels it is her duty to bring color into his linear world?

It’s a story of “ Dr. Seuss-ian” proportions! A story of a witch and wizard; of line and color, drips and sprinkles, of a regimented way of doing that allows no mistakes and a world of messy drips , no boundaries, no mistakes and opening to see the infinite possibilities .

Co-Authors Paul Reynolds(the Cartoon Wizard) and Teddy Swecker (the Color Witch) have combined over 40 years of art, teaching and friendship to bring The Splendiferous Spillage of the Cartoon Wizard and the Color Witch to help launch a child‘s imagination as they learn about the world of art and writing and to tap into the boundless nature of artistic expression.

Peruse the Cartoon Wizard’s alter-ego Paul Reynolds’ Gallery
And don’t forget Theodocia (Teddy) the Color Witch too!

Then come back and see how these two talents combine to create together!!..

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Our new promo book is up!! --- YaaaaaaY

After a year – the new promo book for The Carton Wizard and the Color W / itch is online and available for purchase. / Its Spill No. 2 in the “Splendiferous Spillage” series that teachers the young(7-12 year olds) not only about art and writing but also about the cooperation in life of seeming opposites. / When you have a moment we love for you to check it out. / Purchases of t…
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