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Morgoth was the principal agent of evil in The Silmarillion, and his influence lingered in the world even after he was cast from the world into the outer void. Morgoth’s example provided later ages a cautionary tale against pride, wrath, envy, lust for power, and greed and the destruction these visit upon oneself and others. The name Morgoth is Sindarin and means “Black Foe of the World”; Bauglir is also Sindarin, meaning “Tyrant” or “Oppressor”. “Morgoth Bauglir” is actually an epithet: his name in Ainulindal (the creation myth of Middle-earth and first section of The Silmarillion) is Melkor, which means ‘He Who Arises In Might’ in Quenya, another of Tolkien’s languages. This too is an epithet since he, like all the Ainur, had another true name in Valarin (in the legendarium, the language of the Ainur before the beginning of Time), but this name was not recorded. The Sindarin equivalent of Melkor was Beleg, but it was never used; instead a deliberately resembling name Belegurth, meaning “Great Death”, was employed.


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