Culture Cloth is made up of two designers, Alex Donnelly and J. Ryan Sommers (Me). The vast majority of designs you see here are from our Zinc Collection, designed with the trademark colored nose. The designs you see without the colored nose are older designs that were worked on by both of us. The Zinc Collection is done entirely by me.

Why the colored nose? It’s supposed to look like the Zinc Oxide people wear on their face at the beach.

Where did it come from? Honestly, it was subconscious. I pulled a little from my childhood love of the Muppets, a little from the need to make the image more interesting, and a bit of I tried it… It looked cool… So I kept it.

At Culture Cloth we’re obsessed with Pop Culture, History, Art and anything else that defines us as a society. We believe that we’re not alone.

We believe that a tee shirt can be more than just a piece of clothing. If done right, a tee shirt can be a piece of art that you get to wear. A way of expressing oneself in a unique way. At Culture Cloth we make wearable art.

In the future we hope to expand our products to include sweatshirts, shoes, hats and baby clothes among many other canvasses. We like to think art can go anywhere (on the side of a building, on a mug, a skateboard, what have you). Art can be just as important on a shirt as it is on the wall of a gallery or museum.

I hope you enjoy the designs and remember to always check back for new and updated designs.


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