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Want funky Tee’s to impress the opposite sex? Want awesome artwork for your bedroom wall? Need your iPad or iPhone to start screaming “I am beautiful, love me more…”? How about some funky stickers to stick in places that you really shouldn’t?! Well you’ve come to the right place….

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Redbubble vs Spreadshirt vs Zazzle

I have been wandering who is the mightier force, and if this were a playground I would be shouting “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” but it is not a playground, and I am 33 so that is immature…..anyway, by sticking my products elsewhere I have noticed more of a difference…now I don’t exactly want to come on here and shout about other sites (that’s exactly what I want to do&#…
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Moving house....Grrr!!!

One of the most difficult things in one’s life is moving house! It’s a total upheaval that turns your life upside down and throws any organised systems into chaos. Of course its not forever, but when you work from home and need the computer which is nicely packed away, and your only point of contact with the online world is a mobile phone and its slowww internet, then all you can say …
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Featured on Geek Shirts HQ!

In my last journal I informed you of my impending fame and fortune! Well, it’s not quite that amazing, however, those fine guys at Geek Shirts HQ have awarded one of my designs as “T-Shirt of the week”. I was also asked to provide a few words on the design process which for this design was a little unusual…go check it out at…
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New designs and a feature coming up!

Well its been a busy week. I’m moving house, and if anyone reading this has experienced this, you’ll concur when I say “What a nightmare”! As well as that, I have an assignment due in next week at Uni which has yet to be started…oh and its Easter, which means my son is off school and has not stopped bugging me to play Fifa on the PS3! I duly oblige which doesn’…
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