What We Do With This Life

I am writing this from my heart with tears in my eyes.
Whether you want to call him or her GOD, or Budha, or Allah, or whatever, it doesn’t matter.
What you do in this life matters, when it comes from your heart.
It has taken these bushfires to let me see how much of a small
speck I am when it comes to the total picture.
When we come together to help our fellow man or woman or child, that’s all that counts.
These fires have proved that this can be done, if we mean it.
So why can’t we come together as one, to save our planet. ????
We are dying, and we are watching everything around us die.
It makes me feel useless.
I live in hope that, before I die, I may enjoy the knowledge that this world will survive for our children.
( even though I personally can’t have any )
For Gods sake……. For our own sake.
Let us give some serious thought to what we do with this life that we are given…… And it is a gift.
Think of the Bushfire Victims and what you can do to help.

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I am not preaching.
This is a feeling.
This I have to say from my heart.
This is a hope that I have.
This is what I hope will happen.
Give it some serious thought.


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I live at Riddells Creek in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria, and have been involved in Horticulture all my life.
I play Blues Harmonica and Bodhran’ in my spare time, as well as getting involved with Genealogy and Medieval History,
I have also been acting for 40 years and was lucky to be cast as a judge in the movie “Stricly Ballroon”…
But my camera is my passion.

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  • kalaryder
    kalaryderover 5 years ago

    Very true Larry, it is time commercialism bowed before survival.

  • But the question still remains……
    What can I do as a lone individual. ????
    That’s why I am writing this.
    And that’s why I am trying to help as many of the bushfire victims
    as I can.
    Stuff Commercialism and Politics….
    Just go out and do what your heart tells you to do.
    Now is the time to help those who need it.

    – cullodenmist

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 5 years ago

    They put their gods in boxes,
    tied up with tape of red,
    with names and rules and ownership,
    and fear and threats and dread.

    But in the hearts of freedom,
    Where love breaks always free,
    the real worship and real living,
    Rebuilds the world for thee.

  • For when we pull together
    and join our hands as one
    The world may get the message
    and the politicians will not have won.

    – cullodenmist

  • tkrosevear
    tkrosevearover 5 years ago

    As long as we speak of our differences, we will never find our shared strengths…
    Your words are true my brother, we are the ones we have been waiting for and we can make a difference and will – if we don’t give up!!!!
    Love to you for your compassion and strength ;) xoxoxox

  • And my love to you, for being the person who you are.
    Because it’s people like you that give me the strength.

    – cullodenmist

  • Neil
    Neilover 5 years ago

    As with you, I grew up with the threat of nuclear holocast. Miraculously it appears that threat may have passed, only to be replaced by an even greater threat, We must make our collective voices roar so that our leaders hear us. Maybe, just maybe they will listen.
    What happened to our voice, our Peter Garrets, our Bob Greens of yesteryear?

  • I totally agree.
    It all became Political Bullshit.
    And I am afraid to think that there won’t be a hero that we can look towards, in our lifetime.

    – cullodenmist

  • Wendy  Slee
    Wendy Sleeover 5 years ago

    The power begins within us, to effect the greatest change.
    No matter how small and insignificant you think you are, know this – YOU ARE NOT SMALL AND INSIGNIFICANT, nor just a “speck”.
    Change your own thoughts, and your heart and soul will guide the change ever outwards, first yourselves, then those around us, and then the world!
    The greatest way to teach another is BY example, so change yourself, put out positive, loviing energy into the world. You cannot be responsible for another, only yourself so therein lies the whole task. Yourself. Not such a big job after all……focus on your own intent.
    With a planet full of like minded souls with INTENT to make themselves the best humans they can be, and the INTENT to make this world a better place, we will have the power to direct the future of Earth and all upon her…..
    ….and so it is……

  • I’m trying my sweet.
    But it takes a lot of learning and self control.
    I hope I can go the distance.

    – cullodenmist

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 5 years ago

    oh, for the day when the pollies have not won…… I dream of it :)

  • You and me both brother.
    You and me both.

    – cullodenmist

  • Bev Woodman
    Bev Woodmanover 5 years ago

    Larry I believe you as a horticulturist have probably done more for this planet than many of us have. I believe if we all do what we can in our own small way by doing what we each believe is right for ourselves, our neighbours and especially for future generations. The climate change stuff we are being fed today by politicians is rubbish, they are only doing it to feather their own nests and to divert our attention from other issues. We all know what we must do and that is to look after this beautiful world. Unfortunately it will be a hard road because we have progressed so far with all the mod cons and technology, including the computers and camera technology we are all using today. Can we do without it all and revert back to … what? In a lot of ways the earth is much cleaner, freer from diseases and certain pollution but in other ways we are killing it. Each of us need to sit back, think and do what we think will benefit the earth more – its a personal thing that we all need to think about.

  • Well, I think I have done what I set out to do.
    I have got a few people to stop and think and talk about it.
    I am only trying to let people know MY feelings, and to keep the thought alive.
    Maybe someone who reads this, may take up the challenge or join together as a larger force to try and achieve something better.
    Thank you my friend for your support.

    – cullodenmist

  • Kristina K
    Kristina Kover 5 years ago

    I understand on so many levels what you mean, having a paraplegic son, from his birth, have had to fight for nearly everything, the help we got from different groups and societies has helped us to no end, and we appreciate every thing that has helped our son grow into the wonderful young man he has become.
    i have had triumphs and losses and know how small my voice is, but i still put it out there, it has done good for some but also i know that its fallen on deaf ears, but i wont give up because one day i might of made a difference somewhere, i believe this with all my heart, this is what i am trying to achieve in my life, and to spread some joy from my stress photos..
    so dont give up, if there are more people out there like you, we’ll make it a better place for our future generations. hugs kristina

  • I have lived in the murky bottomless pit for most of my life.
    As you have read some of my writing’s, you might have guessed where I was coming from.
    But recently, I was introduced to Karma.
    Everyday, I get out of bed and say to myself, what can I do today, that will benefit somebody other than myself.
    I have always said…“What goes around, comes around”, but know I see the true meaning of that. And I am trying to change myself for the better.
    Thank you Kristina for your support.
    ( I am still learning.)

    – cullodenmist

  • Wendy  Slee
    Wendy Sleeover 5 years ago

    Larry, believe it or not, Karma is being released and dissolved as we speak.

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 5 years ago

    Karma is sometimes incredibly difficult to understand, but it is a wonderful approach for coping with the bad stuff (and the good stuff sometimes). Our thoughts and actions always (always!) have ongoing effects on us – which people never seem to realize. We can understand that we might affect others, but rarely do we think we will be affected too. Yet we are the sum of our past (with some neat twists thrown in sometimes LOL) and regardless of our current state, should always be trying to maintain a positive and compassionate outlook. Hard sometimes, but it is the underlying message of most religious teachings, and in a world where we literally ARE all affecting and affected by others, fundamentally common sense (imho).

    Expect no reward, and when something comes your way (even if it’s just stored up good ‘luck’ for the future) – dedicate it to helping others, and it will grow.

    But never forget that you must also look after yourself in order to do all of this. No doctor can help others if they are sick, no aid worker can feed the starving if they are starving – so, even looking after yourself with the aim of continuing and developing your care for others becomes (when you think about it) an act of love for others too.

  • I should frame this and place it on my wall.
    How true.
    This is my approach every day.
    Like I have said, I just hope I can go the distance to be able to live up to my own expectations..???
    But in the meantime, I am doing everything possible to change my outlook towards my fellow man.
    Thanks Smithy…. Your words are truly supportive.

    – cullodenmist

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