I like painting drawing and photography. Sometimes I write some poetry or compose music. I desire someday to be a film maker. I love films be they action films or love stories, drama and animation. I like drawing cartoons and I make prints in my computer using digital art. Joining Red Bubble I hope to get experience in showing my work and selling.

I may not be a great painter but I am a great thinker

  • Joined: April 2008


I am ART

Ah yes, what is it you need? Do you really think you need me Joseph? I’m telling you that you don’t. What you need is a woman to cook, clean, does chores, work full time for you that’s what you need. Not me because I am ART. / When you look at a work of art, be it a painting, literature, music, theatre arts you are simply looking at me. Even when I pass you by along the street and you don’t recog…
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Art and Labor

To all those of you out there I would like to say that I believe that “Art is the labor of love in the making” And no matter who we are or where we are we should all take note that to show our art to the world on the internet is the best thing to happen. Me, I live in this fantasy world it makes me forget about the hardships, agony and pain that sometimes life gives us. Art is a catha…
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