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Important if you use stock images, creative commons stuff, etc.

Though I don’t personally use material found on sources offering copyright free work, a lot of artists do. Also, you may be surprised as I was one day, to find out someone illegally offered your work to a licensing org without your permission. Please read this article that was recently on Plagiarism Today:

The Problem with False Creative Commons Licenses

This really hit home because an art teacher was giving away numerous people’s drawings, including one of mine, on his blog to Creative Commons. Anyone using it, believing it was ‘free’ would be liable for damages if sued, like the example in the article. The sites offering these things cover their own butts in their Terms. It’s the user who is liable, (and the idiot who illegally gives it away but that is small comfort if you’re dragged

Terms; copyright, social media, etc

  1. All work of mine, here or from other sources, is © (copyright) Cindy Schnackel, aka Cindy Pollock Schnackel, all rights reserved. My work is protected under U.S. Copyright laws including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and international conventions such as the Berne Convention. Copyright law gives copyright owners several exclusive rights, well covered in the articles linked at the end of this post.
  2. My work is not in the public domain, regardless where it is found. Public Domain is NOT the same thing as public display or public place. Similarly, it is not true that ‘orphan works laws’ give people the right to do as they please with images they claim they can’t find the owner of. There is a process to that law that includes a diligent search and paying a fee, and not all countri

Copyright infringement; find it, get it removed

Updated OCT 2016…


Accidentally run across it
Someone tells you
Reverse image search.


Using the Chrome browser, right click an image and choose Search Google for Image. If there is a right click disabling, google likely can’t see the image and you will need to get the actual image url (explained later in this post).

See Paula McManus’s journal about a very useful search tool that also relies on a google reverse image search: http://www.redbubble.com/people/paulamcmanus/jo...

The tool: http://jarred.github.com/src-img/ I use this, it’s pretty effective, and saves time.

Google Images: Search terms and names.

Google instructions on using the reverse image search: http://www.googl

List of site hosts for DMCA takedown purposes


This is part of my Journal Copyright infringement, find it, get it removed The purpose of both Journals is to assist artists in finding and removing infringements of their work from websites. This is NOT a list of recommended hosting services; I do not do endorsements.

Also, the USCO’s list of DMCA agents/contact is quite long now: http://www.copyright.gov/onlinesp/list/a_agents...

Be sure to also see the Red Bubble Copyright Protection Group discussion on dealing with difficult hosts


1and1 aka 1 & 1, legal@1and1.com according to their own DMCA page

About.me has a copyright page that goes to AOL Email address given from this page: AOLcopyright@aol.com

Acquia Email address given on this hosting service’s Terms page is security@acquia.com while th

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