He left a large and silent void

This winter was a tough one for us, our little family of two humans and a small flock of birds, (4 birds are now 2). We found out in Dec last year that one of our beloved cockatiels had arthritis, then it went downhill from there. He also had cancer. About the same time this ton of bricks was dropped on us, our budgie died. Feels like we practically lived at the vet’s office these past 4 months, with so many tests and treatments. Still waiting for some final test results. So far none of the scary, contagious avian diseases seem to be the issue, and there didn’t seem to be any correlation between the deaths. Just a horrible coincidence, probably the odds of which increased because our birds are older. I blogged about it HERE

During this time, I had art in two shows but my mind …

Available paintings; changes to RB site

My show at R. Pela Contemporary Art comes to a close this weekend. I sold roughly half of the work I offered which is really nice. I’ve added a few pieces from the show, as well as other recent work, to my INVENTORY LIST I’m looking forward to seeing what the gallery has planned and what kind of space they move to when they relocate later this year. And of course, I hope that I’ll be showing there again in the future.

I still have not decided what I’m going to do with some recent ceramic creatures! Some might end up in multi-part sculptures, others might be offered as individual figures. I’m still doing ceramics, and might wait to decide until I get a whole heard of them finished.

Redbubble has made format changes that may make it hard to find the products…

Show update and more

The show is going well! I’ve sold a few of the thriftstore makeovers as well as quite a few non thriftstore related miniatures. Comments from the crowd were very nice and thoughtful. Thanks to one buyer, I now know for sure who did the original of this reprint, above. It was John Constable’s The Cornfield. My reprint must have been so faded it didn’t register on reverse image searches. But once I had more info I was able to find an exact match, (minus my monsters of course). I titled mine, “Bullies” and it is still available!

See R. Pela Contemporary Art gallery site for more info on purchase, hours, etc


A few of the creatures I made in ceramics this winter. Class ended but we’re still waiting for the last glaze firing and will be back in a …

Show: "Everything After," at R. Pela Contemporary Art, March 2015

If you’re in the Phoenix area, I’ll be showing in March, along with local artist Jared Aubel, at R. Pela Contemporary Art ! Bits of both Jared’s and my art are in the show poster below:

“Selfie with Chicken,” is an alteration of a reprint of Alexis Grimou’s painting, (1700’s) “Girl Pilgrim.” (See the best unaltered version I found here ) It’s one of about 19 makeovers I’ll be showing.

There will be numerous of my tiny sketches and small paintings, (not thrift store alterations, though the frames are mostly from thrift stores, some vintage). Also, bottle cap birds . I have over 40 caps, if we can find a spot! Each is an original acrylic painting on a bottle cap.

I had done my first thriftstore makeover more than a year ago.…

Art shows this spring; new products

Here in Phoenix, art walks are the first Friday, (and for some galleries also the 3rd Friday), of every month. I will be showing my art in February and March, and possibly April…busy spring season!


The first is at {9} The Gallery, in a show titled “MOVE!” I’ll have several small, wheeled, toy brick sculptures in it. Like many group shows with a theme, I drew a blank. When the gallery owner mentioned it and asked me to submit something, my husband reminded me about these wheeled sculptures. But, I had taken them apart, so in January this year I was busily recreating some, and making up some new ones, inspired by what was newly available from the toy store’s ‘parts wall’ where you can buy just the parts you want in bulk.

{9} The Gallery

Duvet covers, tiled designs!

I was so glad to read in another member’s Journal recently that the Duvet Cover product here could now be tiled!

This opened up a lot more of my images for this product, as it was just too tedious to try and make the tiled versions myself, and they would’ve been HUGE image files. Now, I can simply tile the same high resolution images as I use for other products and have repeating patterns. Not everything works well for every product or tiled, but quite a bit does, and it’s been fun experimenting with it. I’ll be considering more of my work for tiling on the Duvets.

So, now when you look at my “Products” collection or click “Shop” under my name on my profile page, you will see a number of images also available as Duvet Covers. I read the inf…



The mug arrived and here’s a shot of me holding it! As you can see the design covers it (except the handle area). It wraps around the cup.

This is the painting it’s done from. (The watermark is not part of the product design.)

My painting, “Good China in the Bad Desert,” seemed to fit the new Mug template pretty well. I’ll be making more as I get images ready to fit the template.

In addition to the mug, I also have a few other images available on tees and other products, just click Shop under my name where it says Profile, Portfolio, Shop, etc!


Speaking of mugs, I have managed to make a few usable ones in ceramic wheel throwing class this fall! Plus, bowls and a few creatures. I’ll be taking ceramics again next year. Here are a fe…

Miniatures, Ceramics, Etc.


Above are some of the Bottle Cap birds I started doing this summer. These are the tiniest paintings I’ve done so far. This might be the limit of how small I really want to go! I’ve been busy making these, and other miniatures, some of which I haven’t photographed yet.


Also, working on larger pieces for a show in 2015 that I’m not planning on displaying publicly until near the show date. That is always hard, to hold things back, when the urge is to upload them right away. I want the show to be the first time the pieces are seen.


This fall I finally signed up for a ceramic wheel throwing class! I had done ceramic handbuilding years ago, and took a stab at the wheel back then but never got good at centering the clay on the wh…

Show extended; Another thrift store makeover sold

Good news! The art show I have a piece in has been extended thru at least early August. The show was covered by a local PBS station and it generated so much interest that the gallery owner decided to extend its duration a bit. The painting I have in it is below. It’s 48 × 20 inches, acrylic on deep edged panel.

Also, I have started to have fun altering reprints of old masters type work that I find in thrift stores, and they seem to be very popular with buyers. Here is the most recent, and it has already sold.

I started buying the reprints for the frames, LOL, but then it took on a life of its own.

Upcoming show, "Dry," month of July

I’ll have one painting, “Good China in the Bad Desert,” in a group show in July. This is in the gallery I recently had a 2 person show that went very well, so it’d be great if this painting found a new home, too! Read about the painting and see some detail shots in my recent blog post

The art show opens July 4, which is the First Friday art walk. The gallery is also open for Third Friday’s art walk for another event, “How Dry I Am: Spoken Word Art About Life in the Desert.” The art show is free to view, but the other event is $10 if you are interested. See the gallery site for more info: