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Mural Project; Phoenix Festival of the Arts

This past weekend, despite the fact we’re in the middle of moving, I spent the day at Hance Park in Phoenix, Arizona, painting a 6 × 3 ft. section of a mural for the Festival of the Arts! It was a BLAST! There were over 100 artists participating in the mural alone. I wish I’d have had time to go see more of the Festival. There were quite a few booths of art, (in addition to the 100+ mural painters). What I saw of the art in the booths was very good. We had background music, while we painted, by live bands.

There I am in front of “Swinger” while it’s still in progress. The event put a sign by each section informing viewers that the work was for sale. (Artists are paid if it sells, actually quite a nice portion of the sale price!) It was a great networking opportunity, but mostly just a lot of fun. I would do it again.

Edited to add that it has sold now! Buyer gave permission for me to show this pic of it in its new home!

Though I knew the event was “public” somehow it didn’t occur to me that people would watch us paint! It didn’t bother me though, even when the artist next to me pointed out that the lawn behind us was crowded with people sitting and eating, watching, and relaxing. People came up to us and talked to us, including one man who organizes a tour of city dwellers who keep chickens and build nice coops for them. I’ll have to look into that!

I also blogged a bit more about it on my Wordpress page

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