Real life is my largest inspiration, despite the very unreal nature of my work. I subconsciously translate my thoughts and experiences into abstracted birds, monsters, (or even simple shapes with just enough features that you can tell they’re alive). The results can be surprising even to me. The concepts seem based on emotions that are universal to man and animal alike. Sometimes when I’m working, I’ll add an object for no apparent reason, like a suitcase. I once believed I was just entertaining myself. That is certainly a big part of it. Each piece can end up with multiple possible interpretations, or, just be enjoyed for its absurdity. Viewers are relieved of the need to ‘get it.’

Read a detailed post about my art background in my BIO/CV

Besides what I display on Redbubble, I show more on my blog, and it is there that you can see my inventory list of available original pieces. Wordpress blog/Inventory List

I recently joined Women Artists of the World

One of my passions is chickens, in case you hadn’t noticed! I blog about chickens, and other artists who do chickens, here: FOUND A CHICKEN

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Showing again at {9} The Gallery, for one night event

_Updated 10 Aug 2015, sold a few pieces and marked those sold if they were in my portfolio here, and removed them from my currently available inventory list on my blog. Thank you, buyers! / This Friday, I’ll be taking a number of small paintings to a one night show at {9} The Gallery. This is a group show, including Kyllan Maney, Brenda Edwards, Aileen Frick, Geoffrey Gersten Eric Babcock a…
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June 19 show, She Deck, women artists

“Off Road,” Acrylic on used skateboard deck, 32 × 8 inches. / My painting will be at She Deck, the all women artist show held by The Gallery opening June 19! All of the pieces will be on skate decks, and will be $300. / The show location is at the Frontal Lobe gallery space: / 1301 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ / This is just North of owner Laura Dragon’s and {9}’s usual spa…
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He left a large and silent void

This winter was a tough one for us, our little family of two humans and a small flock of birds, (4 birds are now 2). We found out in Dec last year that one of our beloved cockatiels had arthritis, then it went downhill from there. He also had cancer. About the same time this ton of bricks was dropped on us, our budgie died. Feels like we practically lived at the vet’s office these past 4 mo…
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Available paintings; changes to RB site

My show at R. Pela Contemporary Art comes to a close this weekend. I sold roughly half of the work I offered which is really nice. I’ve added a few pieces from the show, as well as other recent work, to my INVENTORY LIST I’m looking forward to seeing what the gallery has planned and what kind of space they move to when they relocate later this year. And of course, I hope that I̵…
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