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Renown Multi Media Art"thief" exposed

There is a major storm brewing over on deviantart.com, see here http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/art/MASSIVE-COPY... and numerous other Members have posted supporting Journals and outrage …. a guy called Chad Love Lieberman, owner/co-founder of Art4Love.com since 2006, also supposed pop/rapper singer, and record company owner Evol Record label/company has been “stealing” copyrighted art and selling them to the corporate world for enormous mark-up as the Owner of hundreds, if not 1000s of pieces of art done by other struggling artists and hobbyist such as dA Members.

All of Chad Love Lieberman websites inc. Art4Love.com are now off-line/down inc. his Youtube Channel & music videos … if you’re an “web-artist” or musician, you should take serious interest in this evolving story, also see this site http://blog.deirdrereynolds.com/2011/08/art-the... for further evidence of the extent of Chad Love Lieberman’s theft and false pretences.

Apparently this guy is the nephew of a well-known Senator Lieberman in the USoA, so he is well connected with some serious players in politics, the music & art industry, and political as well as the entertainment fraternity. (if you type in his name in Google, you’ll soon discover how much exposure & history this a-hole has!

My thoughts are if he’s been operating this Art4Love.com site since 2006 app. and affiliate sites, “god” knows how much money he has made from unwitting artists over the past years!!

If you or your friends/associates have been involved with any of this… I can only suggest that you seriously get interested, and support the Artists, such as Alexiuss on dA http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/art/MASSIVE-COPY... in launching a class action lawsuit for Copyright infringement & compensation. Alexiuss (I know for a fact) has had past success in achieving results with other cases in the past years where he was “plagiarised” or “stolen” from by magazines and a video gaming company for the illegal use of his work.

As for Chad Love Lieberman and Co. may they all go rot in the well …

Just thought the “cruisey crowd at Rb” may be interested/affected by this issue/story …

Here are some of his past “customers” who have bought art from the site (as listed by the site) b4 taken down…
Here is a small sample of some of the clients he had listed on his site:
New York Historical Society
New York University
Levi Strauss
McCall’s Patterns
Oxford Slacks
Polo- Ralph Lauren
Columbia University
Domino Sugar
Estee Lauder Companies Inc
US Trust
JP Morgan Chase
Federal Express
Sprint PCS
United Parcel Service

Just to name a few.

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