No sales yet... How come?

Well, is it because I am not what people are expecting form me??? (I doubt it)

So why don’t I get any sales yet…

I have been pretty active, I have shown myself to “the world”…

And yet, no sales after over a month here… I don’t get it.

Peole (in the real world) tell me that I am very talented, and yet, here I have sold “de nada.” “nothing,” “Rien”…

I am somehow deceived…

How do I get to sale something here?

Please help me if you can… I am a little depressed over this right now.. I have invest much time here… (even if it was not always on my pictures… the petition did take a great deal of my energy… but my pictures do not seem to attract people as much as I thought… sure, I managed to generate lots of views… but no sales… means there is a problem somewhere… )

Please help me find out what it is I am doing wrong… :(

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