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passion for art. all art.

my other gallery, much much older… with a lot of stuff:

I thank you all for viewing, interest, comments or favs….

the paintings upload here had 1 more dimension, unfortunately this particularity can’t be shown here, but this is what I wanted to do: from 2 dimension in painting to achieve 3D…. :-)
hope I solve somehow the problem. lol.

  • Age: 47
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it's been years..

yes, it’s right.. but I didn’t lose time :D / I dreamed about a place. Starting from that idea, I developed a project for art lovers! / Here it is, but: / I need your help with my new campaign . It’s my dream, a daring dream, but I count on you all to make it happen ♥ / Why crowdfunding? Because all of you can help making all this happen, and also receive goodies from me! Each s…
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can you help?

voting for me if you like my artwork? / pleaseeeeeeee / here: Linked Text
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blog and facebook

my dear friends and watchers, I invite you to join me on facebook: “” / and I just started a blog…. with inside views and personal comments on my works… / here I am (me, my thoughts, my feelings, my artworks): “” / not have much free time lately… I use all free time I…
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hiiiii, read please!

please help archann to win this contest and vote for him, his work is marvellous! youll see! / this is the link: / <p><a href=""><img src="" border=”0”></a></p> / <h2>Please vote for The Siren Song at DBH10K!</h2> / <p>Our friends Christian San Jose and Archa…
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