" My Home’s In Alabama" where I live with my bride of 46 years. We have two grown children and three grandchildren. I am retired from a career in the plumbing industry

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I was raised in the backseat of a old Oldsmobile. From the time of my birth in 1948 until my dad’s retirement in 1964 I was in the USAF as much as my dad. I was always having to say “goodbye” to some one. The pay was minimal for a sergeant and on base housing was sub-standard and I don’t think many of you would have chosen this way of life. Why are the children of these me…
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History teaches us what were, what we do today tells us who we are.
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Giving Down A Bottomless Hole

Some of us find that giving without regard of recognition is a joy of living. Just when do we decide that this giving is doing more harm than good? That is a very thin line that only the giver must decide and also must learn that there are far more takers than there are givers. A helping hand should never turn into a handout. How does one decide? That is the $64,000.00 question.
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It has got to be about the money

Our trip to Galveston Island from Willis, Texas took us through the heart of Houston on Interstate I-45. People must have been trying to escape the bomb from their speed and dodging from one lane to the next. I was going to take the loop around all of this hell but I could not get over into the exit lane. The traffic was bumper to bumper but one cowboy tried to pass us on the left hand shoulder o…
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