Breaking the big two, oh, oh, oh

Sometime yesterday, 11/14, I topped the two thousand mark in my viewing stats for art and clothing. (I don’t count my writing views because they are mostly my own and not for sale.) It took a while to get to the 2K mark, but I can’t complain. I am just so gratefrul for the opportunity to be here. I love posting my own pictures and t-shirt designs for anyone to see, but I love browsing thru the new entries by other contributors and being the first one to comment on a beautiful artwork. The talent among the RB membership is phenomenal. My new friend, coffeetea, for instance has an unfailing eye for beauty and a way of sharing it that touches the heart.

And she writes beautifully, as well. Her English may not be quite perfect, but her command of language is superb. Anyone who can function fluently in not one, not two, but three languages has my highest admiration.

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