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Fifteen days, eleven hundred hits

First of all, I have never been big on diary keeping, so this journal business does not come naturally to me. Not sure what the point is. I don’t get blogging. That said, this function must be here for a reason and appears to be encouraged. So.

I post artwork both here and on ImageKind. A lot more on IK than here, because I am trying to be a little more discriminating about quality on RB. Although, to see some of the rude t-shirt designs, particularly to be found under the popular tab, I can’t help but wonder to whose idea of quality we are catering.

Ennyhoo. I do not begrudge any contributor one iota of her or his successes. Some of the artists displayed on redbubble are extraordinarily talented. I feel humbled by their work. Even so, I have to admit that I don’t think that what I produce is half bad.

So. What’s the secret for attracting viewers? A number of RB artists boast a thousand hits a day! I’d be grateful for half that…a quarter, even. Eleven hundred in a little over two weeks sounds so pitiful. Although, I must admidt that my IK collection averages about the same number of hits a day that I am getting on RB so that, with fewer pictures here (combining art and clothing), the view/picture stats are better on bubble.

One guy’s post in a forum suggested some kind of hit meter so that he could tell how well his portfolio was stacking up to some redbubble norm. Nice if that sort of thing could be possible. Although I’m not sure how I would feel seeing proof of my dozens of hits per day against other people’s thousands. Could be a tad discouraging.

Someone else asked how long does it take to sell, or get anyone to look for that matter. I empathize. There were several views to her post, but nobody had answered. So I did. She’s got some really nice work in her portfolio. But there does seem to be a great divide between the haves and the have nots here. Paupers and princes(ses) with a huge wasteland in the middle.

Well, I gotta go feed my cat. Thanks for listening.

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