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Cincinnati, United States

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Operates out of: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

I LOVE to make digital art and drawings. I have been drawing ever since I was in kindergarden and have been teaching myself ever since. Art has always come natural to me so I never tried study anything in the arts ( except when I was in art class in elementary) until now. I learned ALMOST everything through my own experience. I use to be shy about my art which caused me to miss out on opportunities my friends, family, and teachers gave me which led me to realize how valuable my art really was later in life, though i am still a introverted person. I wanted to discover digital art to better enhance my talent. I believe today that studying art has been beneficial in improving me greatly, which is why I am going to continue educating myself to go beyond just being good

. I am considered by most as shy, mainly because I am used to doing everything on my own, and not as outgoing as the average person.

Artistic Interests:

I like anime and manga art, video game art especially because it has many different flavors of artwork, text art, vector and youthful art. I also like art involving meadows (has a relaxing feeling to them) and anything humorous!

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  • Age: 24
  • Joined: May 2009