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Someone once told me that the word ‘Author’ means ‘one who creates,’ so I would like to think of myself as an Author in every sense. I have numerous creative hobbies. I find solace in creativity. This can be creating an image myself or sharing one I have captured on camera.
Please see my journal for latest updates and some of my thoughts and feelings.


I was one of the finalists in the 2006 Open Arts Competition, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. My work was displayed at the South Holland Centre, Spalding, England

I was named ‘Artist of the Day’ in the Local Critter Group on 11/06/2014

My photo ‘The Wedding Pail’ came within the Top 10 for the June Wedding competition 2014 held by the ‘You Got it, We want it Group’

My ‘Jump in The Puddles’ came in the Top 10 of a competition held in October 2014.

My Birmingham bus image came in the Top 10 of a competition held by ‘The Best of British’ Group in March 2015.

My Dolly image was featured in the Top 10 of a competition held by ‘The Withered’ group in June 2015.

My Corona for Casualty (old typewriter image) was featured in the Top 10 of a competition held by ‘The Withered’ group on July 18th 2015.

In photography I try to capture a moment, beauty, an idea, a memory or evoke an emotion. I consider myself a loner- people are not always around to see what I see so I allow the camera to harness my views so they can be shared. If I love to look at it then I hope someone else will too.
That said, I’ve found accurate representation isn’t always necessary: with art it isn’t always about what you see it’s what you feel.
I’m fascinated by relationships; personal, emotional, colours, symmetry, reflections, nature, atmosphere, moods, character.
I believe art should give a voice to the soul and emotion. In a time where commercialisation, money, cruelty and pain seem prominent I believe art can sometimes express emotions and views that cannot always be put into words. In trying to make sense of a crazy world sharing these aspects becomes ever more important.

Both of my novels are currently available at various bookshops including Amazon :

What You Were by Emma Young ISBN: 9781411683402
Falling Passed Orange Marmalade by Emma Young ISBN:9780557085736

Visit for my bookshop.

Although photography is my main outlet I am keen to explore new avenues for my creativity so please check out my other works such as drawings, paintings and digital art. My works are available on a number of products such as pillows, phone cases, tote bags and clothing.

NONE of my work may be copied, saved or reproduced without my permission.

Thank you for stopping by to look at my work – I hope you find something that makes you smile, makes you feel peaceful or just makes you think about something in a different way.

Welcome to my world :) I hope you enjoy

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: March 2012


4 Sales and a bit more‏

A really happy couple of weeks for me on RB having sold 2 cards, a sticker and a tee! Thank you so much to whoever purchased these, it really makes me feel like I have purpose when people think my works are good enough to buy. / One of my images came in the Top 10 of a challenge held by the ‘Emergency services Group.’ Thank you to the hosts and to the people who voted. / Also one of my ‘Jubilat…
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Sold A Card!

Thank you so much to whoever bought my ‘National Trust Ponies’ as a card. It’s always been one of my favourite images which I’m very proud of so I’m delighted someone else likes it too / Much love / Em xx
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Inactive Groups/Require Hosting Team

Hi Everyone, / Like many others on RedBubble I am the member of several different groups. I’ve noticed that a few have closed recently, have been inactive for some time or appear to be so the below shows my findings: / Cards for Sale – None of my works have been accepted within the last 6 months and it looks as though the last activity was much longer ago / Challenge Accepted – Supposed to …
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Chocoholics Anon Features: Thanks!

A big thank you to the chocoholics anonymous group for featuring 2 of my recent works, In Deep and Coookkieees. Many thanks to the hosts and members. Please check out the other works within the group as they are fabulous / Much love / Em xx
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