I have always enjoyed taking photographs but only in the last year have I started to experiment a bit more.

I have been using a Samsung PL65 for the majority of my photos, but I just brought a new Nikon DSLR so I am looking forward to experimenting a bit more.

I don’t know much on the technical side of things and I have heaps to learn. So would really appreciate any advice or critisism on my photos.

You can find me on:


And also on my website:

Hazel Dean Photography.

Please also check out Janet Fruitcake’s profile (a good friend and photographer)

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Website Up & Running

Hi Everyone, / I have finally built myself a new website: / Would love to know what you think… / Hazel Dean Photography
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New Website

Hello, / I have finally made my own site… / Please check it out… / http://www.wix.com/craziehazie/hazeldeanphotography / Thanks / Haze x
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Thanks For The Feature

Hello!!!! / Thank You to the HIgh Key Group who have just featured my photo window to my soul x
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Hello Everyone! / Please check out our new group Models With A Difference! / http://www.redbubble.com/groups/models-with-a-difference-photoshop-images-welcome / All the best / Hazel & Scitch
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