wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybirds and four leaf clovers

ladybirds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw they’re just the cutest ,it was a really beautiful day the sun was at its hottest. i wore a t-shirt and shorts while out walking with mummy and daddy and my brother daniel ,in the big fields near home, we were just passing the time ( but really i think mummy an daddy were tyring to get a tan so they can look good ha ha ) oh look at my arms mummy would say.daddy woul give her a wittle smile.awwwwww.. but its really great being outdoors enjoying the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your back and the cool breeze of the wind in your face. and the most amazzzzzzzzzing thing happens.the fields come alive with nature and its the most wonderful thing to watch…the grass was long and we had to watch not stand on cows patty pie yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! mummy’s and daddys always moan all the time ( like this ) moan moan moan,moan moan moan, this way ,that way round here over their jump that, still it was fun, first thing we spotted was the cows in the field mummy was like this ohhhhhhh i hate cows,daddy said ok let walk round them the long way.i could see they were watching us,as we passed one of them let out a very loud m’ooooooo mummuy screamed and started running,save me save me save me she shouted me dad and daniel just laughed at her….the cows didnt even budge they just sat on the ground with fly’s buzzing around them ,chewing on grass and licking their lips. disgustingthings , all covered in their own patty pie and the smell ooooooooooooooow yuk.no wonder the fly’s hang round .next we saw some sheep.daddy said there’ s my new wooly socks over their where said daniel their said daddy on that sheep ( ha ha ha ) very funny, mummy said that was a baa.aa.aa.aad joke this was crazzzzzzzzzzzy, mummy and daddy were acting like children.ahhhhhhhhh its good to get away from the house for a little while mummy said.we all agreed. listening to all the noises we could hear the birds chirping and singing ,wasp and bee’s flying around sniffing out all the nice flowers looking for nector, thats the stuff they take from plants that makes honey mmmmm yummmm,its funny how the sun seems to make everyone happy. ohhhhhhhhh looooooooooooook at that mummy said what, where, me and daniel replied,over their mummy said by that flower , isnt that the beautiful’st butterfly you’ve ever seen.awwwwwwwwwwwwwww wooooow
mummy was right it wa the mostest bestest butterfly i had ever seen. it was like a rainbow on a summers day but without the rain.it had every colour on its wings you could ever imagine.daddys like.check you big softy’s out and laughed. awwwww it was great ,that was the fisrt time i had ever seen a butterfly that close up. we, were melting with the heat, i was glad mummy brought some lemonade with us all that walking makes you thirsty, when i opened up the bottle ,lemonade squirted everywhere and some landed on daniel ha ha it must have been shaking around in mummys bag. within a few seconds buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzz a couple of passing bee’s were flying around daniel ha ha ,one thing he’s a real fast runner. mummy and daddy laughed the bee’s were chasing daniel all over the field and daniel screaming like a little girl waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, get them away from me he was shouting. i think the bee’s just gave up , must have thought he was a flower. when he came back we sat down and had a snack just the usual when your out for a day, crisps lemonade and a few sweets mmmmmmmmmmmm yummmm. while sitting down daddy said whats this.we all looked,what is it mummy said, i dont believe it all my life i’ve been looking and this is the first time i have ever came across one, what is it me and daniel ask as we walked over to take a closer look..its a four leaf clover wooooooooooooooooooooow a wittle green plant thing with four leafs. whats so special about that daniel asked.wellllll said daddy its like this. if you ever find one you’ve got to make a wish and the wish comes true.can i daddy can i daddy daniel asked mummy laughed. ok daddys said here’s what we’ll do you can make a wish first daniel then wittle archie can make a second wish and we’ll see what happens eh! so daniel took the wittle four leaf cover, sitting on his knee’s he closed his eyes and made a wish. emmmm ummmm i wish forrrrrrrrrr a new pencil case as mines is old and tattered he said…. ha ha a pencil case ( whaaaaaaaaaaat a waste of a wish ) then he handed the four leaf clover to me…remember to close your eyes and make the wish daddy said or it wont come true. so i sat on my knees closed my eyes and made my wish ( what did you wish for daniel asked ) well i hadnt even opened my eyes yet but when i did awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww woooooooooooooooooow loooooooooooooooooooooooook my wish came true right their on the back of my hand was my wish ( mummy an daddy laughed ) awwwwww wooooooooooooooooow , infact everyone went wooooooooooooooow ,on my hand was the mostest bestest beautifulist amazzzzzzzzzzzzzinginst cutest wittle ladybird , it was shiny red with wittle black spots and tiny wittle legs walking around my hand…oooooooooooooow that tickles i laughed awwwwwwwww put it on me put it one me daniel said..( no said mumy thats archies wish and you could end up hurting the wittle thing ( its not a thing i replied ) its a cute wittle lady bird,,next thing daniel put out his hand and tried to take it from me..welllllllllll i very quickly pulled back my hand and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nooooooooooooo the wittle lady bird had fallen off and landed in the long grass somewhere.it was lwost awwwwww i was crying daniel just made me loose my wish..mummy said dont worry it’ll be alright and gave me a mummy hug ( yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! ) i hate mummy hugs..but i needed it jwust that one time…i really broke my heart and cried my eyes out..daniel stood their laughing at me..hmmmmm imagine crying over a wittle ladybird he said…yeahhhhh i replied but that was no ordinary wittle lady bird that was one i wished for..the sun began to go down and i think mummy and daddy had had enough of me crying so we headed for home, when we got home i got out my paints and paper and painted the biggest wittlest cutest butterfly you had ever seen.oh and daniel got his new wish ( ha a pencil case) so seems like the four leaf clover wish thing really works eh, we were best of brothers after a short while..well thats my story about my day in the fields till next time you all take care lwots of love wittle archie

wittle archie (nature walk ) cute wittle ladybirds and four leaf clovers


ALLOA, United Kingdom

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