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It's up ... Jordy Memorial :)

Okay Guys :) :) I have opened the JE for your goodbyes to Jordy :) :) / Remember, this is for you to say goodbye to him personally ;) Do anything you want in there, there is no limit :) :) / Go say goodbye HERE
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Jordy (1995 - 2010) - Forever in our Hearts

This is a Memorial for the little man Jordy, who touched so many of us in so many ways. Feel free to say goodbye to him in your own special way. Use photos, poems, stories or just words. There is no limit here. I want this to be a lasting testimony to what Jordy meant to all of us. / I miss you so much matie. ****hugs**** / HIS STORY / The Jordy Fund
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Coming this weekend ... for Jordy

Hi Guys. / I just want to let everyone know that this weekend I will be posting a tribute Journal for Jordy. This one won’t be for people to say stuff to me … it will be a chance for all you guys out there to say your own goodbyes to Jordy and as such … I would like to give you all the chance to do that … to Jordy … within that Journal when I post it. / I am giving y…
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He's gone now.

To everyone who has touched my life with their Kindness towards Jordy and anyone else who has followed this Epic journey … / Jordy Passed away in my arms this afternoon after a fairly painful morning. I am sure that he didn’t have any pain as he left. I comforted him and spoke to him the whole time and held him in my arms for a time afterwards. / I am still sorta in shock at the momen…
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