How to view my Panoramas :D

Hi all :)

Sorry I have been so quiet. Been very busy with work and with doing stuff around my houses to make sure they are ready for selling. I had three bites in a week, but all have pulled out now sadly, so it’s back to square one for me at the moment.

For those that are interested in viewing my Panorama’s much more closer and in greater detail, I have started to upload them to a Panorama site. At the moment I only have the two there, but will be adding all of them (and adding the links within the description of each photo) as I get to them. If anyone wants to see one of my Pano’s sooner rather than later … send me a BubbleMail and I will make sure I upload those photos asap :) :)

At the moment you can view these two photos in much greater detail :) :) Have a look and let me know what you think :)

The Big Sleep

Baandee Lakes and Old Ruin

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