Welcome to my Redbubble Paul Campbell Photography Website. Photographs on the site cover a verity of subject areas which represent the areas I photograph Weddings and Portraits are also covered but are not listed here. Examples can be provided on request. Special shoots can be arranged by request.
Kodak 7.2mp
Olympus SP 590 UZ
Canon SX 30 IS
Canon 5D MKIII
Lens’s Canon 50mm, 100mm macro, 28mm – 135mm, 75mm – 30mm. Bower 500mm, 650mm – 1300mm. 500mm mirror lens. 85mm Zeiss, 16-35mm L series, 28-300L series and 200mm L series Prime, 2 x converter (grey).
filters Hoya Pro 1 CPL, 400ND, Polaroid variable 400ND. Cokin x pro Graduated ND filters
Manfroto tripod.
software: Photoshop.

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  • Joined: April 2010


Raising funds for Black Dog Institute City To Surf 2012

Hello everyone / On the 12th of August I will be running the 14 km in the Sun Herald City to Surf in Sydney. I am running as an ambassador of the Black Dog Institute and hope to raise in excess of $1000. I would appreciate any donations to help towards this great organisation which helps depressed people round the world via its web site, publications and resources. You can sponsor me online by …
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52 features in as many weeks

This really is fantastic for me. With 52 features in around as many weeks I cannot believe the support I have had on RB. Thank you very much everyone for the 14,000 + views and the great support and comments. Thanks again. Paul.
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