The Huntress

Sent from the future into the past to destroy all who dwell in the deep forest, the Huntress was determined to carry out her mission with great zeal. Little did she know that she would be won over by the words of the Great Creator and become the deep forests protector. The Huntress has traveled back to her future were she battles the Technovores who originally sent her to the past.

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Spooky Sarah

Spooky Sarah is a floating, cloud-like character who likes to spend time at cemeteries to pray and sort things out. Sarah gets aggravated when people (understandably) mistake her for a ghost but she’s working on that.

Spooky Sarah is a Creepster. Creepsters are a bunch of eerie and unusual characters who share in common the love of Christ. They prove that it’s not about what you look like or what you’re called but where your heart is.

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