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I finally added a new calendar to my Calendar collection. It’s my tribute to all things sci-fi and fantasy. Check it out Here .

Another Cool App

This is the summer of apps for me. I downloaded another cool app that I use to create digital images. This one is called Bamboo Paper. It’s very similar to Paper from Fifty Three (that I mentioned in my last post) in that you can create digital notebooks/sketchbooks for taking notes, sketching etc., but I find it easier to use. Here are some images I made with the app, that I downloaded on my iPad.

Paper by Fifty Three

I recently downloaded an app on my iPad called Paper by Fifty Three. The app allows you to make digital notebooks/sketchbooks to jot down ideas, sketches, etc. I think the app is great although glitchy at times (seems like all my technological devices are glitchy at time, causing me great frustration and making me long for the simple times of just using a pencil and paper, but I digress). Here are some images I made on the app.

Turkey Talk

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family and friends and the Redbubble community for providing a place that I can appreciate and share art.