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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

It occurred to me that ever since I have been getting serious about my photography that the world seems so much brighter. you tend to take notice of the world more and realise there are some beautiful things in this world and that makes you smile. I have noticed lately that in this part of the world we have had some fantastic clouds lately all different shapes and sizes and I have been wanting to capture them all but who wants to be bored with a million cloud pictures..lol… but I urge everyone to go out today and look up and just look at the clouds because they all have silver linings even the storm clouds see the beauty in them and take a mental photo for me and keep it there to remind us all of the beauty in the world.

I apologize in advance for the couple of cloud pictures I am going to add to my portfolio just because I couldnt resist taking them… yesterdays clouds just looked like someone had got out with the white paint and a paintbrush and I think they deserve a place… plus I am going to play with them later in photoshop .

thanks for listening to my rambles …and thanks to Red bubble and all that support me on here for making me smile and see the silver lining

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