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The Results are in .... a 1st and two 2nd's

Well the Busselton Agricultural Show has now been and gone

I ended up entering 18 photos into the competion out a possible 36

The winning entry was my willy wagtail photo Willy wag tails
I got a second place for my picture of my daughter in the portrait section
A model daughter
Another second for a picture I will upload today of my daughter again in the b&w portrait section I’ll title it “winning girl”
I also recieved a highly commended certificate for my cowslip orchid photo
Cowslip orchid

The prize money was all of $20 but the buzz you get seeing your name up in lights is fantastic .

My next competition will be a bit different it is a art exhibition/competition so you can only put three entries in and the prize money is bigger $300 but they also have you entries up for sale so you can if your lucky do very well. There is also no restrictions on size of entries so there is a big decsion to be made this month on what to enter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ..may even do a separate journal entry asking for help.

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