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Out and about

I have been busy this weekend just pasted. I decided to brave the local dog training classes and plucked up my courage and just asked the teacher if I could take pics and then asked each individual dog owner ….everyone said yes … my nerves were high and when I got a few wriggly pooches I was nearly going to give up but then it started to flow and I think I managed to get some great shots alot of it was with cars and training equip in background so am slowly going through and editing each pic then will take a 6×4 pic of each one to training next week with my details on the back and see what happens. I also took the family to the local reptile park and took some photos there it was great my daughter is usually scared of lizards but she was in her element even got her to pat a snake so I will be uploading heaps of pics this week and next weekend am hoping to go to the fauna park to get some kangaroo and emu shots. We actually have kangaroos over the back paddocks at home (the tree line of the rainbow pic) but they dont like you getting to close they think you might be there to shoot them with a gun not a camera so will stick to the captive ones to start with. Also working on the entries for the busselton show competition hoping to get a pic of my nephew who is blind doing Karate for the sports action section of the comp then my sister in law can have the pic after the competition. So all in all I’m being kept busy and enjoying myself it also has benifited the family as we are getting out there and seeing the sights you take for granted around our beautiful town.

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