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Fixing photos

The talent on RB is unbelievable I am in awe of some of the shots taken and it leaves me wanting more … and wanting to be able to do more with my photos … My expertise at fixing up photos at the moment is limited to croping and using the old auto enhance button . I think I will be definetly putting a photoshop type program on my christmas list to be able to use some of the photo’s I have taken that I feel arent good enough because they have some foriegn element in the background would be great. I took some great pics of a frog in my parents outdoor (not cleaned out for summer yet) spa and the frog looks great but the water has like a dust film on top which makes it look terrible I’m sure with a good photo program I will be able to share him with the world but till them he goes on hold. Research will begin on programs and it will be fun searching this website for others opinions.

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  • Matt Dawdy