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Onto the next Local Competition

The Busselton Agricultural Show is coming up at the end of October and the show books have just come out telling of what we can put in for the photography competition amongst other things. Sixteen classes with two entries per class allowed entry is only $1 an entry prizes are $10 for first $5 for second with a few special prizes for best photo in show etc. I’m ofcourse not entering for the prizes but the buzz of maybe acknowledgement of a good shot.

the classes are as follows
black & white 30×40cm max shots
1. animal study
2. bridge/s (why this catergory i dont know)
3. portrait
4. open

colour 30×40xm max shots
5. native flora
7.sports action
8. waterfall or fountain

colour 10cmx15xm
11. three prints mounted together to tell a story
12. Seascape
13. child/children at play
16. open

It will be fun trying to get entries into all sections and I dont know if some of the bigger section classes I want a big pic of a bridge or sporting event to keep at home guess it will go to building a great portfolio.

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