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I’m all over the place …. I decided a few months ago that I would enter a local photo competition in the wildflower and landscape sections and I happen to win the landscape section with my rainbow pic and came third in the flower section with my enamel orchid …. now I know it was a very small competition but I was thrilled and the same day I won those I found the article in the local paper about redbubble … it was like an omen … the thoughts started running through my mind a million a minute maybe at 36 I have finally found out "what I want to be when I grow up " besides raising two beautiful kids.. I started putting my pics on to this site …. found most of them couldnt be sold but put them on anyway … and I got comments and views with in minutes …. my self esteem soared … maybe I can do this …. Then I start wandering round the site and come across some of the professional beautiful photos of animals and nature …. my esteem lowers a little and then read a few journals about the debate of what makes a good photo and now I am starting to waiver …. can it be done … I hope so.. I know that most of the shots I put on here are ametuer the husky ones I put on just because they are my babies not because it was good photography … I do think … hope I have a bit of natural talent or an eye for taking a good photo … time will tell … I now have a better camera and once I master it a bit better ….look out world …..maybe

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