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What a Day!

Whew! The day is over and boy am I glad. There were so many emotions going on in my brain that I’m completely drained. However, it’s the kind of “drained” that feels pretty good.
I did something today that I’ve never done. I bought a pair of Lady Wrangler jeans. Now, that may seem strange to some of you but my daughter and I have always had this dislike for Wranglers on men and on women. You see, we’re really small town girls but sometimes we pride ourselves in what we think of as a city girl mentality and Wranglers just always seemed too “redneck” for our tastes.
My daughter is out of town this week-end so the “break-down” came easier. I really needed a new pair of jeans and the drive to the nearest semi-city (Abilene or Wichita Falls) just didn’t fit into my work schedule. So, I walked into our local hardware store (yes, they really do have some pretty clothing there, honest!) and decided on a pair of Wranglers since they had my size in a short length. And, hey, the price wasn’t too bad either.
I texted my daughter and told her what I had done. She texted me back twice and said, “Take the jeans back NOW!” She also mentioned that I might be having some sort of mental break-down or something.
Well, anyway, I doned my new Wranglers, one of my favorite shirts in our school colors, proudly pinned on my football button with my sons picture on it and headed out to the neighboring town for the big showdown on Friday night!
The plot thickens!
When entering the next school district we discovered hand painted signs on sheets (yes, spray paint on white bed linens) proclaiming that our team was going to get beaten. This ‘ole mama’s blood began to boil. I was now experiencing yet another emotion – that Texas instinct that comes with high school football – “kill ’em!” I could be heard to shout. What just came out of my mouth?! “Oh, Lord, please keep all these kids safe and let the best team win and let that be the Munday Moguls!” I followed.
At half out team was down 6-0. Another furiously frantic text to the number one girl child – “Ugg, we’re losing.”
Being her optimistic self she fired back with “Don’t worry – we always come out better in the second half!”
Now it’s the 3rd quarter and the Moguls go on top 14 – 12. I’m really getting good at texting now – I send the message of the score and end it with “pray.”
Next text message sent by me says – keep praying, 10 minutes left in game. Daughter fires back with “I’m praying for the Moguls and starving children around the world.” Yea, baby – that’s the spirit!
I know begin a desperate plea – “Lord, I’m thankful you’ve kept all these kids free from injury tonight on both teams. And Lord, I know there are great kids from both schools out there playing their hearts out but Lord, you know Jay is out there and you know what a great heart he has. Lord, I can’t imagine any other kid needing this win any more than Jay – you know what it means to him, so please, please – if it’s anywhere in your will please help the MOGULS WIN! Thank you ahead of time for what you’re going to do, Amen.”
Deep in the 4th quarter the Moguls fire another TD off – it’s now 21 – 12. Final score!!! I text daughter – “Prayer works. Moguls win 21 -12.” Those glorious Moguls are now 9-0 and headed for the Big Dance – Texas High School Football playoffs. I can’t wait!!!
I know now that my purchase of the Wranglers, my “knock ’em down – stick ’em” attitude must be linked together. Shoot, I might go out and buy a pair of cowboy boots tomorrow!

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