Summer Cold

Yea, I’ve got a hum-dinger of a summer cold. It never seems to fail. I get at least one good (well, really bad) summer cold and at least one (really bad!) winter cold. I hate them. Maybe it’s the congestion that makes me feel the worse but sometimes I think the medicine is about as bad as the cold itself. When I took some medication today it made me feel all dizzy – well, “dizzier” than usual. I couldn’t think straight and I could not keep my mind on one thought. It feels like I’m responding slower than usual and I’m sure my eyes are probably dialated. But at least I’m not a baby like my husband is – I hope I don’t wake up moaning in the middle of the night and keep him awake. He just loves to do that – if he feels bad he wants everyone to know about it! As for me, I just want people to leave me the heck alone. And what ever you do you probably don’t want to irritate me when I’m feeling badly because I show no sympathy to the other poor soul. Today some little elderly lady called up complaining about our sub reminder cards. She couldn’t read them and they were just “a mess” according to her. She gripped and gripped while I just sat there thinking ugly thoughts but trying to sound all sticky sweet over the phone. At the end of the conversation she said, “Don’t ever send me one of those cards again.” To which I replied, “That’s no problem and thank you for calling. You are such a lovely lady!” I then hung up and she hasn’t called back! Of course, some people who like to complain think that they are “lovely” souls. Well, today I’d beg to differ with them!

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