Even in Texas it feels like Fall

I’ve been in one of those “desert” times, lately. I just feel all doom and gloom – my mind just dwells on the negative things and I have to force myself to think about the positives. I suppose everyone gets this way from time to time. I really do try to count my blessings several times throughout the day and I realize that I am way blessed – however, the saying “too blessed to be stressed” isn’t hitting home right now. I’m STRESSED!
But today was a bit of a “pick-me-up.” Even though it was Wednesday which is our hard day at work and even though I haven’t slept well in several days the feeling of Fall air really added a little energy to my day.
When I got ready to leave our home office and make my 100 mile paper run I decided to grab my camera just in case something interesting popped up. I had made several stops by the time I came to “Old Glory, Texas.” Population probably around 250 people. Flying high over this tiny berg was Old Glory herself – against a beautiful blue sky with whispy clouds. Now I’ve taken a ton of pictures of the USA and Texas flag but today it just seemed to stand out against the sky. I haven’t downloaded them yet so I haven’t gotten to look at the full size images but I don’t care. I enjoyed trying to get a great shot of a waving target.
Just up the road about 3 miles I looked off into the distance and there was an old cowboy riding his horse across the field. Again I pulled over, threw the long lens on the camera and began to shoot. I don’t think I got a very good picture of the cowboy because he was really far away but right in front of me were mounds of great wild sunflowers beside a wooden fence post. I hope these pics turn out! I was really enjoying all the colors of nature and the cooler temps.
After a few more “paper” stops and delivering to two post offices I found a perfect old windmill sitting serenly by the side of the road. I turned around and pulled back over by the windmilll – grabbed the camera and enjoyed the click, click, click of the shutter.
Before I got back home I took one more detour down a dirt road. The cotton was waist high and in full bloom. If you’ve never seen cotton plants blooming they are really quite lovely. They bloom in white, pink, and yellow. I enjoyed the semetry of the rows and the greens and browns of the earth. I took up close shots and far away shots. All just for fun – I don’t have to put these in the paper, I don’t even have to post them here. I was just doing it for me.
Later this evening I went out to take my two poodles for their walk. This meant another fifty minutes or so spent out-of-doors. Much better than being tied up at my desk.
Yes, fall is definitely in the air and I think I’m ready for a change of pace! Out of the desert and into the cooler, lovely and blessed days of fall.

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