Rainbow Valley and the Fairy Forest

Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom called Rainbow Valley. A beautiful Fairy Princess named Dena lived in a grand palace and ruled over her fairies. It was a nymph realm hidden deep in a forest far away from the human world. No fairy had ever seen one before.

One bright morning Princess Dena had an urge to fly above her palace and see how her fairies were doing. She saw her fairy children playing games, and the parent fairies going about their duties. It was the start of a wonderful day.

Then, a curious fairy adventured around the forest and saw a life form far off that looked strange. When the fairy got nearer to the being, she assumed, it must be a boy child sleeping because it had no wings. She thought, very handsome. She kissed the boys cheek and the child awoke, like magic.

The child was startled at the sight of the fairy. “What are you? He asked the fairy.” “I am a fairy. What are you then? I think you are a human?” She asked the boy. “Yes, I am a boy, fairy. I never saw a fairy before. Where do you live?” “I live in the forest. How did you get here?” “I got lost and along the way I became tired and fell asleep. When I awoke, there you were, and now I need to find my way home. Do you have a name, fairy?” “Yes, it is Anoka. What is your name, boy?” “It is Colin.”

“Well Colin, you may have a hard time getting back to your world. This is the land of Rainbow Valley. The only way to leave it is by the permission of Princess Dena, and she has strange rules about leaving our world.” “Oh! What kind of rules does she have that are so difficult to follow, fairy?” “One has to go over the rainbow and find the pot of gold to leave the valley. If you don’t, you will never leave here.” “Is that all?” “Yes, but the rainbow only shines after a rain storm and the sun shines alongside it. Otherwise there is no rainbow, and if there is no gold, you cannot leave either because the law will not be fulfilled correctly. Also, the rainbow has to be above the water and over the forest. At that moment the magic will be best.” “Then take me to your Fairy Princess. I want to go home.” “Okay. Follow me.” Anoka flew a long side the boy. “I wish you could fly boy. It would be faster.” “I know, but I have no wings.”

When they got to the Princess Dena’s Palace, Colin approached the Fairy Princess and asked her permission to leave Rainbow Valley. At that moment, the Fairy Princess seemed to grow three times in size, she then said, “No, you are not one of us; you cannot use the magic of the rainbow. You must find your own way out of the forest.” “I do not know how to find my way back, I am only a child. I lost my way and found Anoka who led me to you. I need your magic to go home. Please help me.” “Anoka will take you back.” Those were the final orders of the princess? “Be gone now child, I am busy.”

Anoka and Colin left the Princesses Palace, and wondered into the forest. It was dark, and frightful creatures such as foxes, owls, and other night life sang there cry of prey. Then Colin said “let’s find the rainbow ourselves, and I will use the magic to go home. “You heard what the Princess said; we cannot use the magic of the rainbow.” “I don’t care, I will try it. It is the only way home for me.” “Remember, the rainbow shows itself only after a rainstorm.” “Oh, yes, I forgot.

“So, fairy, one more time, where is your place?” “My home lies deep in the fairy forest in the village of Rainbow Valley.” ”You mean there are more fairies?” “Yes, many more. Humans cannot see us. You must have been brought to us for a special reason.” “I am a child how could that be? How can I be here for a different reason?”

When the sun rose the next day, the other fairies came about and saw the human child. One said, “You have no wings, and you are bigger than us too. Why?” I am a human boy. Boys don’t fly.” Then from far off, a wild lion came charging at Colin and the other fairies. They all escaped as fast as they could fly or run. Suddenly, one of the fairies got caught in between a stone. As the lion charged to catch the fairy, she cried for help. Colin saw this and started to scream as loud as he could. When Colin was running towards the lion, he picked up some long branches and ran after the attacking lion. The cowardly lion ran away. The trapped fairy was very grateful for Colin’s action.

Suddenly a brilliant light appeared in the sky, and the Princess Dena showed herself. She saw what had just happened in the forest, and was spellbound by it. “I will send you home now to your world” said the Fairy Princess. “You mean you could have done that all the time. Why didn’t you do that the first time?” “You needed to show me your heart and now you have.” The Fairy Princess used her wand and a beautiful rainbow appeared high above them. At the end of the path one saw a sparkling pot of gold. “Follow the pathway of the rainbow and you will go to your world. Remember, in your heart the goodness you have shown us.” “Thank you” said Colin. Then Colin followed the trail. When he got to the other side of the rainbow he was back in his world. In the distance he heard his parents calling him. When he looked back, the rainbow had vanished from sight. Colin shrugged his shoulders and ran off. Yes, Colin had returned home again.

Rainbow Valley and the Fairy Forest

Monica Engeler

Little Falls, United States

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

A children fairytale story about fairies, a Princess, rainbows, and adventure.

Read the book Rainbow Valley and The Fairy Forest

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  • Monica Engeler
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