THE ELEMENTS OF DESIRE by Cosimo Piro IT’S TIME I have roamed this shaking Earth / but for a little while, / walked upon her skin / like scattered dust THE POETS COVEN I bring no words, / no jewels of the profound / or holy water / of sacred thoughts THE GARDEN OF POETS or THE POET’S COVEN (Pt… I have come back / to the sanctuary of heart’s travels, / to repose in the company of gentle poets / and hear the revelations of silent ref… IN ABSENCE ……of a simple poet / wearing a tattered coat of words / held by flimsy threads…… STEP BY STEP (image) by Cosimo Piro STEP BY STEP A man must answer / to himself MY INK IS THIN…(a valentine offering of sor… my quill is blunt, / dipped in holy water / from heart’s inkwell WHO IS IT? Who is it / that calls my name / in the whisper of the wind, / writes my name / across the sky / in wispy ink? A MODERN PRAYER??? Oh Multinationals / who art in glass towers, / hollow be your image TIME'S CHILD by Cosimo Piro TIME’S CHILD In Time’s distant mist / I was born / a supple thought, / a floating / whimsical spectre, WHAT CAN I SAY? What brightness can I add / to the stars / that shine in my life, / my own / but a sparkle / in the scheme of things? WATERFALL OF FRIENDS I watch a waterfall of hieroglyphic rainbows / gracefully dive off jagged edge THE ECHO OF EMPTINESS I see you / gorge / on generous banquets, / python like, / swallowing whole EXTRACT FROM A TIME TRAVELLER'S DIARY by Cosimo Piro EXTRACT FROM A TIME TRAVELLER’S DIARY Your seductive songs / awaken / the mandalas of mind, / dreaming / within dreams, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? I was eight years old / when my world first changed colour / with a bullet in the brain of Camelot / and a Machiavellian world of grinning… THE WAY OF THE MOON I love the way / of the moon, / how she flickers / shadows / on my walls, / streams / her silver paint / through my … ALL IN ONE LIFE it takes heart / to see / love / in an agitated world, THE WANDERING THOUGHTS OF A SMALL MAN. I sit / in my enclosed garden / watching / the seasons pass by COLD COMFORT It’s cold tonight, / chilling to aching bones, / marrow / frozen in time. THE BONES OF POETRY (part 1) I paint with words, / watch the ink / meander, THIS IS MY LIFE In truth I am a young soul, / infant, / trying to learn the way of this world MOONDANCE 6….final phase last of the moondance. GIVE AND TAKE? I open my chest / to show true heart / and you devour / each beat / voraciously. POET’S LAST SITTING he was found there / morning after / sitting naked QUIETLY I SIT. quietly I sit / listening to the wind A POEM’S ESSENCE if every poem ever written / since the first scratch THE MANY PARTS OF YOU It / starts with a thought / that brushes my face / and radiates the body through CARVED TABLE OF DREAMS so sit yourselves down / at this carved table / of dreams / and share in the fruits / laden in between OVERCOME shadowy thoughts / scratching / my skin thin door, THE GIFT OF GIVING A gift, / wrapped / in feathers and tulle, / bound / with rainbow ribbons LOST LAST THOUGHTS….(a repost for Easter) Destiny strikes, / lays my weary body / upon splintered crucifix HEART AND SWORD I balance / on thin transparent line, / a thread of life / that we all walk, REMEMBRANCE How still the air is, / expectant, / holding breath / for a sigh of relief AUTUMN’S TOUCH I stand enveloped / in the stillness of pre-dawn cover, / a world of vague whispers SOMETIMES I need to shelve my needs, / slot them between the other books / of dreams and wishes IT ENDS WITHIN! I am a condemned man; / condemned by religious bigotry, / condemned by political agendas, / condemned by social class, / condemned by racia… YES, I NO Do you believe in a god, / in a soul, / in a life after death? / My short answer is NO, / my long answer is YES. NIGHT WALKER Look behind the doors and under beds, / put the stuffed dolls in cupboards and cover the clown / before you lay your head to slumber, ENIGMA PONDERS I am / an agnostic gnostic / with zen principles. HAVE YOU EVER Have you ever danced naked / on the tip of a flame / or skipped on ripples / of a butterfly’s wake THE EVOLUTION OF A WRITER breathing in the vowels / and exhaling the words that sleep within, / living in the sound / that is the truth of myself, PAPER CUTS liberating the tattered pages / between leathered layers of denial / protecting paper thoughts / scrawled with Time’s fading ink; WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR (what RB means to me) my chest is filled with pulsating blood, / my skin crawls with the thoughts / of holographic emotions. … things I think sometimes I think I’m an ordinary guy I KNOW WHERE I’D RATHER BE! What is this music / that stirs the loins and soul, / that opens the mind / to visions / beyond mortal dreams?; MOTHER Graceful grays / and time honored wrinkles, / these are the sparkles in my eyes / when I look upon her face. WINGED THOUGHTS winged feet / to glide over unsteady ground BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST… … his thoughts pour with distilled discontentment into the chasms below / giving rise to tripping fingers of ocean longing, / reachin… HERE'S LOOKING AT YA! by Cosimo Piro DESIRE IS A FIRE THAT BURNS SLOW My love is a mysterious sigh, / an ancient breath / seeking the whispering of silent spaces. KISSES AND TEARS by Cosimo Piro BEDTIME STORIES These are the stories I wish to tell my children, / with campfire glow flickering in my eyes / and clear rivers flowing through my veins THESE WRINKLES ARE MINE I watch the rain through smoke filled eyes, / attracting thoughtful moonlight sighs, SEQUINTA AND ERAMETIN We flow in the sap of trees, / light up the celestial grandeur / when a seeker’s gaze looks beyond mortal resignation