I dabbled in some graphic design stuff and I figured that I might as well show some of my work on here, and maybe even attempt making some shirts and such. If you have suggestions or comments post them! If you like what you see feel free to buy!

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Thank you!

I know I promised new work, and that was a while ago, but I have been really caught up with school and work. This is why I haven’t really been creating anything new. However, I want to thank everyone who is buying the things I have created. Whenever I have time I will create new works for you guys. Thank you for helping me out along the way and being patient with me!
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Sorry for the downtime

I know, I know, I promised more uptime a while back. Well, college sucks! I will be updating with designs whenever possible. Thank you all for buying my current inventory though! My sales have exceeded all expectations!
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100th Sale!

Thanks to you guys I’ve manages to reach my 100th sale! Thank you so much! Please continue to buy my products and please spread the word about my stuff! I’m currently working on a number of projects, so be prepared for some new t-shirts and a few more iPhone cases! Once again thank you guys! / Make sure you follow me on twitter! @cornrowjezus
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IPhone Cases!

The fact that Redbubble is now allowing IPhone cases is great. Since I myself have an IPhone, I plan on making designs specifically for the IPhone, and also taking some of my most popular designs and making them compatible for cases. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know!
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