Forgotten Lessons

Deep in each soul there lies the scripts of times past
We have forgotten how to read and understand.
Within there is the written words of beginning and end.
All seekers know,all believers hear,all profits see, all people
have within the knowledge but ignore and feed outside instead of in.

Days pass, years tumble down, forgotten this wise and needed
wisdom.. Backs turned to the real truth,what lies ahead for them.
The earth people knew once as caretakers of the land.
Their care gave to earth and life was returned to them.

Replace by words of man,turned away from Mother Earth,
and ravaged other lands. Forgotten the things needed to humanity.
Wars instead kindness and understanding,even survival of their own species.
Forgotten lessons.

What will it take to wake the sleepers, to hear their voices once again.
Left is the tainted lies and fiction of thoes who would have us believe
they have our best interest in mind. Forgotten Lessions

By Vickie Bodie 9/11/11

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writings, forgotten lessons, tears, sadness, loss, native american, history, death, war, politics, religion, earth, natural ways

I Love Color and looking into different mediums to work with.
Enjoy the color and the feel.

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  • aspectsoftmk
    aspectsoftmkalmost 3 years ago

    forgotten lessons…touches my heart..wonderful words vickie…what will it take..

  • I do not know Terri, I wish I had the answer…In all that has gone on in my life this time is the worst,this era of flesh eaters are abit hard to understand,they do things that go against theirselves and there is no reality,just bubble heads floating around in a la la world.

    – coppertrees

  • icesrun
    icesrunalmost 3 years ago

    Just lovely!!

  • Thank so mych Ciana, hope you are felling well. Hae been thinking about you.xoxo

    – coppertrees

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksalmost 3 years ago

    My dear Vickie,
    Your message resonates deeply and like you I hope
    the destructive actions of our species can hear
    the “voices” of reason before it is too late. The cheetah,
    one of my Africa Photographs reflects the need
    for us to wake up and do what we can to
    repair the damage we have commited to
    our species and the wildlife that share our planet
    that like the Cheetha, a recent post, are on the
    brink of extinction. I think of the profound
    messages of Michal Jackson’s Earth Song
    and Heal the World”, reminders of tje massive
    violence and disregard for all living beings.
    His words, “Look in the Mirrow” broght
    tears to my eyes when he asked us
    to “make a change” referring to the
    multitude of homeless people who
    have “no where to go.” The message
    of one of my favorite boos, “The little
    Prince” sends a powerful mesage that
    “what is important is invisible to the
    eye”and can only be seen with the heart.”
    I feel your message everyday and respect
    your beautiful mind and extraordinary talent
    as an artist. You are a wonderful member
    of “the healing journey” and since I
    will be posting the featured artists
    and writers, I want to post the “Forgotten

  • Julie I just added it to the Group…Had to remove a couple of other writings first… But it is there, Many thanks for your comment and interest..My best to you and yours. Vickie

    – coppertrees

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandalmost 3 years ago

    A collective noun is a descriptive word given to groups of animals like, a Herd of Elephants, Flocks of birds, Pride of Lions, etc. Baboons are the loudest, most dangerous, most agressive and lest inteligent of the primates and guess what a group of Baboons are called … a Congress!! Makes you think don’t it?

  • Lol very clever JR at least it made me smile!!!!
    Sad when there is continus war there is no humanity, 10 years and going!!

    – coppertrees

  • abigcat
    abigcatalmost 3 years ago

    joh Garlands comment is amusing and to the point and so is this powerful piece of yours :-))

  • Many thanks for stopping by and commenting much appreciated,yes Jr is always to the point :)

    – coppertrees

  • Dawn B Davies-McIninch
    Dawn B Davies-...almost 3 years ago

    wonderfully written,well done,dawnx

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardaralmost 3 years ago

  • shadowlea
    shadowleaalmost 3 years ago

    great writing, Vickie

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearcealmost 3 years ago

    Wonderfully written Vickie

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